Determination of peak region in array data analysis algorithm

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Do data analysis algorithm, using MATLAB algorithm research, using C # for engineering implementation is more appropriate, there is a case, there is an array, after some kind of super-resolution algorithm to get the data points are very sparse, and the peak area becomes high and thin. Therefore, it is necessary to sum up the area, which involves the determination of the peak position, and then the determination of the peak region, it is important to note that the peak position, the valley position, and then the peak area must be determined first.

The idea of MATLAB implementation algorithm is

1, based on the local extremum algorithm to obtain the local extremum array (maxima, minima, maxima index, minimum index) from the original data array ;

2, the maximal value descending arrangement;

3. Find the nearest two minimum index of the index with maximal value , and determine the peak region;

4, the peak region of the original data array summation;

C # Rewriting There are more difficult problems, but can be solved slowly, the following step by step (to be continued)

The content involved is

1. C # Two-dimensional array sorting


Reference documents:

1, the Script House: C # Implementation of the two-dimensional array sorting method

2, Itpub website. NET Technology Blog: C # Implementation of two-dimensional array sorting algorithm (code)

3, Lic. MATLAB local extremum algorithm (code)

Determination of peak region in array data analysis algorithm

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