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It is enough to tell a story and give people a pleasant aftertaste. Movies are not complex and do not need to be traced. Our life is also evolved from several simple patterns. If these patterns meet our minds and expectations, we will be happy. Otherwise, we will be excited. If we accumulate irritability to a certain extent, it will lead to collapse. Life is so simple. Improve the patterns in your life and you will be happy.

Unknown characteristics: Unknown characteristics are the moments when we feel ourselves and joy and freedom. They exist in all creatures on the earth, so that we are natural, comfortable, and relaxed. Clear water comes out of the hibiscus, it is naturally carved. People are in the ever-changing information flow, year after year, and if they deviate from and close to it, experience joy and sorrow-I believe that the store of the TAO, such as sharing and talking, is one of the happy ways.

We recommend the eternal path of building. Children's shoes who have learned about the design model know that the software pioneers seem to have learned from this book to write the famous four-person Guide "design patterns. But I still recommend this book. This book also has some more important ideas that have not been spread out. For example, the author has discussed the unsung characteristics of architectural design in the previous chapters, which are equally brilliant.

"First of all, we must understand that the characteristics of each place are assigned by the pattern of events that occur constantly ."

Extended to the field of software engineering:

"Software features are assigned by events or activities that constantly occur within the software, with data streams of particular interest ."

Therefore, the design pattern is not only in its static structure, but also in its dynamic operation. It is a combination of dynamic and static data. In short, reading this book may be more rewarding than simply reading design patterns.

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Telling your own twists and turns or successful history can usually lead to exciting news; but talking about a person's detour may be more enlightening. To sum up, the detours I have taken are roughly as follows:

(1) College online games are immersed in the pain of "Lovelorn" (only for men ). Many people say that, in the university stage, hanging classes and love are required courses. The question is, what have you learned from this course? The university stage is the most precious time of life, because the ability to learn and absorb will reach its peak at this time. The success of a person's career may be based on this. Most of the time that IT experts start to build their career begins at this time. If a person spends precious time in this period, he or she will feel very passive even if she works hard later. What's more, when you have a talent, are you afraid you cannot find a beautiful love? I am afraid that my school will be ruined and my whole life's vision will be limited. Although I am a "good child", I still have not escaped the causal cycle of "being out of class and out of love, so that after three years of postgraduate entrance exams, I was 29 years old when I finally returned to my career;

(2) inferiority, indecisive. I have to say that this is the weakness of our "good kids. Following the traditional educational philosophy, we are bound to those traditional ideas. We are hesitant to do what we really want. When we meet beautiful women, we must deny ourselves first, second, if you choose to avoid YY in a certain corner, you cannot boldly face the challenge. This kind of psychological obstacle must overcome it. In love, it makes you not be bold enough to pursue your desired girl. In the workplace, it will also let you miss the opportunity, remember!

(3) rely too much on yourself. To be honest, from the high school to the present into the field of software development, almost all rely on self-study, occasionally listen to the teacher's lectures to show respect. Of course, programming is self-taught, but it also takes more effort. There are several people going to discuss and exchange, look for some open-source projects to participate in and share, and take the initiative to seek the guidance and guidance of some predecessors, will greatly boost their own development; Do not fight alone, relying on yourself is a double-edged sword. You can do a lot of things well, but you cannot complete a really remarkable product.

(4) You cannot find a valid channel to show yourself. A truly active person is good at actively looking for resources and help. At the time of my graduation, I didn't have the show "none of you" yet, but I believe that although I am still "out of service", my heart is still saved; you should be able to find a job with a base salary of 2000 on "none of you. However, I worked so hard at that time that it took me four months to create a job fair in Wuhan and Hangzhou. I finally found a job of 1200 in Hangzhou, and I took more than 400 jobs in the first month.

(5) The character is too weak. Character determines fate, at least seven points. The achievements of a person's life are related to his activities and habits. All his activities are branded with his own character. His habits are formed under the guidance of his character. It can be said that character is a dominant gene of a person. Fortunately, such genes can be modified through efforts. A person with a weak character cannot bring a sense of security to the other person in love, and cannot win the resources and benefits he/she deserves in the workplace. A person with a strong character may put too much pressure on the other person in love, conflicts may easily occur in the workplace.

(6) Rigid thinking and rigid thinking. After my postgraduate entrance exam, my mentor focused on software engineering and distributed systems. I thought, distributed systems do not look like people like me (I am a professional in electronic information, and I have no basic in computer science), so let's talk about software engineering. So I found some software engineering books and found that they were too difficult to understand and did not have the patience to read. What should I do? I am engaged in software engineering. In the future, I will go to the company to guide how to implement software engineering. You must have laughed. It is enough to take care of TMD's expertise, do what you want to do, and study what you are interested in. Don't stick to that kind of strong thinking. This is one of the ways of thinking that traditional education has brought about. It seems that you have something to do with it, so you should do something related to it ".

(7) The will is not strong, and it does not lay a solid foundation for the future. I think my parents and family members often advise me to exercise more. At first, I became familiar with the importance and made a plan, but I often caught fish for two days. When I was in college, I was dragged to the postgraduate entrance exam, from the postgraduate entrance exam to the study, from the study to the present, being weak has become a major problem in my life. From a utilitarian point of view, it has indeed brought a great negative effect. If you feel that one thing is especially important to the future, you must persistently do it well and lay a solid foundation for the future. Cultivate your own comprehensive characteristics.

(8) write programs without considering the real environment. The first time I participated in the project release, because the write program did not examine the real environment, a very common SQL statement took a long time and almost led to the release plan of the day to give up;

(9) mistakes are caused by insufficient attention to small matters. For example, when the company was doing an API migration job, it was busy with development work and did not pay much attention to it. As a result, many fault events occurred later, this seriously affects the efficiency of our technical staff. Fortunately, these are not perceived by external customers. For example, if you configure a cluster to the system in which you are responsible, you will find that no data is displayed or you have not carefully tested and communicated. It is assumed that the customer has not configured any related project, as a result, a small fault occurred, which was caught by the customer. Instead of learning a bunch of successful methods, it is better to learn from your mistakes.

(10) Limited to the development perspective. Maybe I am honest, so my actual actions cannot keep up with my boss's expectations. It was too limited to the development perspective. As a result, the boss wanted to cultivate my project management capabilities and found it difficult to use them, so he had to find someone else. Therefore, the opportunity is for those who are prepared. If you are interested in product or project management, you must cultivate relevant skills and quality at ordinary times.

(11) focusing too much on practical technologies. By focusing on and learning practical technologies, you can find a good and stable job. You will not have the opportunity to explore the broader world with your abilities, but your vision is limited to what you can see. When I was studying for three years, I did not have the foundation of computer science, so I spent some time learning these basic knowledge and skills. At the same time, I was worried that I could not find a job, learn various programming languages and development technologies. Before study, my brother advised me: "You should not take your postgraduate career as an undergraduate career ". However, I still did not understand its essentials, and did not establish a direction to study, so that although I joined a good internet company, what I did was a common development work, it is difficult to accumulate your own advantages.

(12) Too much YY, which consumes a lot of energy. Even if you play basketball and football every day, the accumulated energy will be spent by YY. The best result is not to win or lose. You know this, I will not say much.


This is the entire process that has been struggling and forging ahead from college.

The road to life is long. May you join me! Life is endless. Struggle is just an attitude towards life and has nothing to do with success.

Detours I 've taken

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