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    1. TextEditor (Baredititem) fetching textstringEditValue = BarEditItem1.EditValue.ToString ();//error, return null           stringEditValue = ((DevExpress.XtraEditors.TextEdit) baredititem). Editvalue.tostring ();//correct, return text box contents          2. Comboboxedit (Baredititem) Add Itemstringitem ="comboboxItem1"; ((DevExpress.XtraEditors.Repository.RepositoryItemComboBox) This. Baredititem.edit).            Items.Add (item); 3. Comboboxedit (Baredititem) fetching textstringItemvalue = This. barEditItem.EditValue.ToString (); 4. Ribbon Controls//Add PageDevExpress.XtraBars.Ribbon.RibbonPage Ribbonpage =NewRibbonpage ();      RIBBONCONTROL.PAGES.ADD (Ribbonpage); //Add GroupDevExpress.XtraBars.Ribbon.RibbonPageGroup Ribbonpagegroup =NewRibbonpagegroup ();      RIBBONPAGE.GROUPS.ADD (Ribbonpagegroup); //Add buttonDevExpress.XtraBars.BarButtonItem Barbuttonitem =NewBarbuttonitem ();      RIBBONPAGEGROUP.ITEMLINKS.ADD (Barbuttonitem); //Add BarsubitemDevExpress.XtraBars.BarSubItem Barsubitem =NewBarsubitem ();      RIBBONPAGEGROUP.ITEMLINKS.ADD (Barsubitem); //Add button under BarsubitemBarsubitem.additem (Barbuttonitem); //Strange Removal of page problems     while( This. RibbonControl.Pages.Count >0) {ribbonControl.Pages.Remove (ribboncontrol.pages[0]);//Debug Normal, run report exception    }       while( This. RibbonControl.Pages.Count >0) {Ribboncontrol.selectedpage= ribboncontrol.pages[0]; RibbonControl.Pages.Remove (Ribboncontrol.selectedpage); //operating normally    }      //prohibit F10 Key TipsRibbonControl.Manager.UseF10KeyForMenu =false; //dx buttonApplicationIcon Property Change Icon Right-click Add Applicationmenu evExpress.XtraBars.Ribbon.ApplicationMenu5. Hitinfo//Right-click event response on the tab page    voidXtratabbedmdimanager_event (Objectsender, MouseEventArgs e) {           if(E.button = = Mousebuttons.right && Activemdichild! =NULL) {DevExpress.XtraTab.ViewInfo.BaseTabHitInfo hInfo=Xtratabbedmdimanager.calchitinfo (e.location); //Right-click location: on page and not inside the Close button              if(Hinfo.isvalid &&! =NULL&&!Hinfo.inpageclosebutton) { This. Popupmenu.showpopup (Control.mouseposition);//pop in the mouse position instead of E. Location              }           }      }      //Right-click event Response on the Ribbon    Private voidRibboncontrol1_showcustomizationmenu (Objectsender, Ribboncustomizationmenueventargs e) {          //disable the original system right-click menuE.showcustomizationmenu =false; //Right-click Position: on Barbuttonitem        if(E.hitinfo! =NULL&&E.hitinfo.initem&& E.hitinfo.item.item isBarbuttonitem) {                This. Popupmenu.showpopup (control.mouseposition); }          //Right-click: on Barbuttonitem in Barsubitem        Else if(! =NULL&&! =NULL&& isBarbuttonitem) {                This. Popupmenu.showpopup (control.mouseposition); }      }            6. Skin//registering skins after adding skin assembliesDevExpress.UserSkins.OfficeSkins.Register ();      DevExpress.UserSkins.BonusSkins.Register (); //Set SkinDevExpress.LookAndFeel.UserLookAndFeel.Default.SetSkinStyle ("Liquid Sky");//If the skin name is wrong, press system default settings (first skin)//Galleryfiltermenupopup Event Settings Pop-up Filter menu "All Groups" is Chinese    Private voidRgbiskins_galleryfiltermenupopup (Objectsender, Galleryfiltermenueventargs e) {E.filtermenu.itemlinks[n]. Caption="All Skin";//n= Number of groups +1    }      //galleryinitdropdowngallery Event Settings Popup Skin list Header "All Groups" for Chinese    Private voidRgbiskins_galleryinitdropdowngallery (Objectsender, Inplacegalleryeventargs e) {e.popupgallery.filtercaption="All Skin"; }            7. Dockmanager Save the view's state information to an XML file Dockmanager1.savelayouttoxml (".. Userconfig//viewinfo.xml"); Export saved state information in XML Dockmanager1.restorelayoutfromxml (".. Userconfig//viewinfo.xml"); 8. Barmanager set the bar font and system font BarAndDockingController1.AppearancesBar.ItemsFont=NewFont ( This.            Font.fontfamily, currentfontsize); 9. Set the system font DevExpress.Utils.AppearanceObject.DefaultFont=NewFont ( This.            Font.fontfamily, currentfontsize); Tenthe. TreeView adds a right-click menu to the tree node and selects the nodePrivate voidTreelist1_mousedown (Objectsender, MouseEventArgs e) {                  if(E.button = =mousebuttons.right) {DevExpress.XtraTreeList.TreeListHitInfo hi=Treelist1.calchitinfo (e.location); if(Hi. Node! =NULL&& hi. Node.imageindex = =5)//leaf node ImageIndex = = 5{treelistnode node=Treelist1.findnodebyid (hi.                ; Treelist1.focusednode=node;  This. Popupmenu1.showpopup (mouseposition); }                  }              }  

Dev Common settings

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