Develop a test plan

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test plans include: Create a test plan, version management, create a test plan to use Perform teststhe function.

The test plan should include tasks that clearly define the time range and content. You can create a new version by changing the product requirements. It is recommended to use the Description field to correlate the document, the feature that needs to be tested, the risk to wait until the test plan, and you can create a new test plan from the established tests.

The copied content includes: Version version, test case, priority, milestone, and user rights. The test plan can be disabled (for example, the test plan is not allowed to be modified while the test results are being edited and modified). A disabled test plan can only be viewed through reports.

Before you create a test plan, only the schedule button is created in the home page:

Test Plan Management module after you create a test Plan home page:

a test plan management 1.1 Version Management

Each version will be associated with an active test plan The description should include: List of modules to be distributed, fixed issue or implementation of new features, status, etc. need to have two attributes:

    1. Active/Stop – defines whether the current version can be used. A stopped version does not appear in use case execution and reporting.
    2. On/Off – an open version of the test results can be modified. The closed version cannot modify the test results.
1.2 Milestones

Milestone for the current completion of the test plan ABC level progress, percent.

Milestones consider a specific period of test execution.
Start time is start 00:00:00 if no start date is specified, all execution-end dates are included in the target date 23:59:59.
Execution after all target dates is ignored.
Milestones will be reached when all of the different priority "sub-milestones" are completed. The status of the milestone is shown in the General test plan progress.

Two test execution

This is where you view the test cases and plans that are currently assigned to me.

Create a test plan, start the test next, click Execute Test, jump to the page that executes the test: If no use case is allocated for the plan test execution testing tree is empty

2.1 Performing Tests

Click Execute Test, go to the test plan that requires me to execute, and start the test.

2.2 Use cases assigned to me 2.3 test report and Progress 2.4 progress Dashboard

Three test Case Sets 3.1 Add/Remove platforms

3.2 Adding/Removing test cases to a test plan

Test cases are tested with the test case set to the smallest clickable unit. Click the use case set in the tree and the right panel displays all the use cases under the use case set:

Assign to User: Select the user you want to assign to the test cases selected by the group

Assign when adding a version: Select a test version

Send email notifications to testers: Users who have been added and assigned will receive notification messages

adding: Select to select all of the following test cases, uncheck uncheck the following test cases

Delete: If the current use case set use case is already assigned to the user, clicking Delete selects the box below the symbol and then clicks the button, and the test case that is added to the user is deleted.

Increase the selected test case: Add the selected use case to the user

Save Order:

3.3 Assigning execution Test Cases

This feature is used to assign test tasks to testers.


Managers use this page to assign specific test tasks to testers.


Select the test case or test suite that you want to test.
Select the tester for the project.
Click the ' Save ' button to submit.
Open the tester's execution page to verify the association. You can set a filter for the consumer.

3.4 Setting the test Case Level 3.5 update the version 3.6 of the test case shows the latest test case version

Develop a test plan

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