Develop Android's essential 5 gear under Ubuntu-Little Kat

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Every programmer has a geek's heart, and some small equipment must be more than enough. I've just moved from windows to Ubuntu, and I want to move in with the little software that Windows uses, in addition to getting used to Ubuntu. Here's a quick list of your little software in Ubuntu.

1. Browser:Chrome

It men should know about chrome, nothing to introduce. It is worth saying that the switchysharp with the goagent can be free shuttle inside and outside the Great Wall. Do not know how to configure the classmate, please skip to ubuntu configuration goagent.

2, mouse gesture:easystroke

This software for the comparison geek students are essential, small hands gently on the screen, a large and small window on God generally cut to cut. If you do not lazy to configure some of the commands, only with the mouse can basically complete all the functions of the shortcut keys.

3. Development tools:Eclipse, ADT, SDK

This is not a good introduction, Android development must. A tutorial on installing the configuration online catch a lot.

4, fast to the extreme Android simulator genymotion

If you're as lazy as I am, and don't want to be plugged in to a real machine debug line, and you're not willing to tolerate a turtle-speed simulator in ADT, then genymotion is absolutely essential.

5. Sogou Input Method

than Ubuntu under the IBUs do not know how much good, early with early worry.

This article link: in Ubuntu under the development of Android 5 necessary equipment , reproduced please specify.

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