Develop appointments or meetings with recurrence

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Recently developedOutlook addin,To useOutllookOfCalendar,Another feature is that when you create a new appointment or meeting, these appointments or meetings may have the same region. Therefore, after you create a appointment, a fixed-cycle appointment will automatically appear.

Since no similar development has been done beforeMsdnWrite a new appointmentProgramBut it is not clear how to loop it. AgainOutlook.AppointmentitemThis class foundRecurrencestateAttribute, it seems that onlyRecurrence appointmentThis is a read-only attribute and cannot be set. Therefore, I am in trouble and do not know how to do it.

I checked it online, and I felt that there was no result.

Later, I tried it. The program is as follows, and the solution can be solved. Hope to help you.

Private void createappointment ()
Outlook. appointmentitem pappointmentitem = NULL;
Redemption. safeappointmentitem rappointmentitem = NULL;
Rappointmentitem = New Redemption. safeappointmentitemclass ();
Outlook. recurrencepattern IREC = NULL;
Pappointmentitem = (outlook. appointmentitem) This. outlookapplication. createitem (outlook. olitemtype. olappointmentitem );

Rappointmentitem. Item = pappointmentitem;

Pappointmentitem. Subject = "test daily ";

Pappointmentitem. Start = datetime. parse ("08:00:00. 000 ");

Pappointmentitem. End = datetime. parse ("08:00:00. 000"). addminutes (30 );

Pappointmentitem. alldayevent = false;

Pappointmentitem. sensiti.pdf = outlook. olsensiti.pdf. olprivate;

Rappointmentitem. rtfbody = "test outlook appointment ";

Pappointmentitem. reminderset = true;
Pappointmentitem. reminderminutesbeforestart = 5;

Pappointmentitem. reminderplaysound = false;

IREC = pappointmentitem. getrecurrencepattern ();

IREC. Duration = 30;

IREC. starttime = datetime. parse ("08:00:00. 000 ");

IREC. recurrencetype = outlook. olrecurrencetype. olrecursdaily;
IREC. interval = 1;
IREC. noenddate = false;
IREC. patternenddate = datetime. parse ("08:00:00. 000 "). adddays (10);
IREC. occurrences = 10;
IREC. patternstartdate = datetime. parse ("08:00:00. 000 ");

Pappointmentitem. Categories = "";

Pappointmentitem. Save ();


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