Develop your own plug-ins using CORDOVA

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You still need to develop your own plug-ins...

My Cordova version is 4.0.0

1. Create a folder named myplugin.

1.1 create a new plugin. xml file in the myplugin folder.

1.2 create an android IOS folder in the SRC folder

2. the console. Java file in the android folder

1 package cn.debi.cordova;
 2 import org.apache.cordova.CordovaWebView;
 3 import org.apache.cordova.CallbackContext;
 4 import org.apache.cordova.CordovaPlugin;
 5 import org.apache.cordova.CordovaInterface;
 6 import org.json.JSONArray;
 7 import org.json.JSONException;
 8 import org.json.JSONObject;
12 import android.util.Log;
13 public class Console extends CordovaPlugin {
15     public boolean execute(String action, JSONArray args, CallbackContext callbackContext) 
16             throws JSONException {
17          String databack=args.getString(0);
18         final String ACTIVITY_TAG="MyAndroid"; 20         if (action.equals("Consolelog")) {
21             Log.i(ACTIVITY_TAG,databack);
22             callbackContext.success(databack);
23             return true;
24         }
25         return false;
26     }
27 }

3. Create a console. js file in the WWW folder.


1 var exec = require (‘cordova / exec’);
3 exports.setConsole = function (messege, success, error) {
4 exec (success, error, "Console", "Consolelog", [messege]); // console is the class name of java, consolelog is the string of action

4. In plugin. xml

 1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
 2 <plugin id="cn.debi.cordova" version="0.0.1" 
 3         xmlns=""
 4         xmlns:android="">
 5     <name>Console</name>
 6     <description>Description</description>
 7     <js-module name="Console" src="www/Console.js">
 8         <clobbers target="cordova.plugins.Console"/>
 9     </js-module>
10     <platform name="android">
11         <config-file parent="/*" target="res/xml/config.xml">
12             <feature name="Console">
13                 <param name="android-package" value="cn.debi.cordova.Console"/>
14             </feature>
15         </config-file>
16         <source-file src="src/android/" target-dir="src/cn/debi/cordova"/>
17     </platform>
18 </plugin>


<Plugin id = "cn. Debi. Cordova" version = "0.0.1">

The ID in </plugin> can be written at will. It is the identifier of the plug-in. The version can be written at will.

  • Description: The description is written casually.
  • JS-module: corresponds to our Javascript file,srcAttribute pointingWWW/console. js name is used when we call JS
  • Platform: supported platform. Android is used only.
  • In <Param name = "Android-package" value = "cn. Debi. Cordova. Console"/>, CN. Debi. Cordova is the package name of console. java.

6. Call the plug-in by using the plug-in method

 var extraInfo = cordova.require(‘cn.debi.cordova.Console‘); 
2     extraInfo.setConsole(‘cole.log‘,function(message) {
3          alert(message);
4     }, function(message) {
5          alert(message);
6     });

Here, CN. Debi. Cordova. Console in Cordova. Require ('cn. Debi. Cordova. console') is the ID in plugin. xml; console is the name in JS-module.

That is, call console. js to export the Method

~ Extrainfo. setconsole () is the method for calling the export.

7. Forgot to add the plug-in O (plugin _ plugin) O ~~

1 Cordova plugin add myplugin # directory name, which can also be the GIT address
1 cordova plugin add  /your/plugin/address/myplugin 


Develop your own plug-ins using CORDOVA

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