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The tide of E-commerce has hit, which requires all software to support the WEB. Developers are thinking more about how to put existing applications on the Web, and how to develop enterprise-class, High-performance, and scalable applications for the Internet. Let's take a look at these challenges and what we can do!

A full understanding of the web-based development process is key to success in the area of Internet development. Many of us have heard of those terms, like ASP, WEB servers, transactional servers and components, and so on, but only a cursory understanding of what they really mean. Like so many other things, once we understand what they are, things are simple. Let's take a look at how a web-based application differs from the application you are developing now.

Windows DNA

In the web-based development model, the application is distributed, which means that some parts of the program run on the client, some on the object server, and others on the database server. This structure has many advantages, including scalability, performance, ease of configuration, and scalability, but their effectiveness depends on the correct implementation. A special platform stands out: Microsoft Windows DNA. The structure of Windows DNA involves a WEB server
(Internet Information Server) and a transaction processing server (Microsoft Transaction server), as well as several other products and services.
These servers are often individually referred to as IIS and MTS.

Together, these things form a layer of software platforms at the top of Microsoft Windows that are tightly integrated and provide rich application services. MTS combines powerful services under Microsoft Windows 2000 to form what is now known as COM +, MTS + com = COM +.

The structure of Windows DNA allows us to focus on the most needed areas of development to meet business needs without having to worry too much about its support layer. Windows DNA provides internal structures and services for ease of security, transaction management, and interoperability with existing systems. The use of the Windows DNA structure means that we can start making applications support the Web step-by-step, not from nothing. By supporting the latest Extensible Markup Language XML and Simple Object Access Protocol SOAP technology, we can be confident that the application works well in the present and the future.

With the Windows DNA structure, we are able to build scalable, scalable e-business solutions. But how will e-commerce applications communicate with other e-business programs? Where exactly are these applications running? In the face of these challenges, Microsoft has its newest generation of operating platforms:
Microsoft. NE

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