Developing a management Information system using C #

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The 1th chapter general outline and frame design of the project
Section 1th General overview of the project
Section 2nd construction of the project framework

2nd Chapter User Login and Management standard design
Section 1th implementation of standard user login in enterprise projects
Section 2nd implementation of embedding subforms in the main form
Section 3rd program Exit Design method
4th section Modify the Administrator login password
5th. Main form details optimization and login user Experience Improvement

The 3rd chapter is based on OOP to implement object addition
Section 1th dynamically fills a drop-down box with a generic collection
Section 2nd use of the Picture selection dialog box
Section 3rd data validation methods before adding an object
Section 4th adding objects to the database based on the OOP implementation

The 4th Chapter, object display and object sort
Section 1th using DataGridView to display query results
2nd. Sorting of query Results
The 3rd section accurately inquires the object according to the study number

The 5th chapter develops the Excel print module
Section 1th using Excel for fast printing

The 6th Chapter implements object modification and deletion based on OOP
The 1th section shows the learner objects to be modified
Section 2nd implementing Learner Object Modifications
Section 3rd implementing Learner Object Deletion

The 7th chapter uses the attendance card to record attendance
The 1th section time-Out clock initialization
The 2nd section Clock-out implementation
3rd Section Attendance Query implementation

The 8th chapter the comprehensive application of data sets
1th section filling class drop-down box with dataset
The 2nd section statistics The whole School examination information
3rd section according to the class Statistics examination information
4th. Quick view of students ' achievements


Developing a management Information system using C #

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