Developing Debug. NET Core 1.0 from scratch using vs code

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Use vs Code to develop debugging. NET Core 1.0 from scratch.

. NET Core is an open-source, cross-platform,. NET implementation.

VS Code Full name is Visual Studio code,visual Studio Code is a lightweight cross-platform Web integration development environment that can run under LINUX,MAC and Windows!

Develop debugging. NET core 1.0 from scratch to get a better understanding of. NET core applications.

This vs Code development tutorial is actually done in Windows, but the same applies to other systems. The purpose of VS Code is to develop across platforms.

Environment installation

This article demonstrates the development environment: WIN10 x64 Visual Studio Code 1.2.1

. NET Core SDK Installer: Dotnetcore.1.0.0-sdk.preview2-x64.exe

If you have installed RC2 and previous versions of the SDK, please uninstall and install them first.

More system version Download:



Vscode C # Plugins:

Ctrl+p Open the Quick Open input: ext install csharp Select C # installation.

Reboot vs Code after installing the plugin.


Comes with omnisharp server offline C # plug-in package, based on the latest csharp-1.2.1 plug-in code encapsulation.

: Click to download ( password: wyww)

Note : This plugin is only applicable to Windows x64 system, other systems please use ext install csharp to download the official plugin.

installation Method: Use the VS Code to open the file select Csharp-1.2.1-linezero.vsix Open

Create a project

First make sure the DOTNETCORE.1.0.0-SDK installation is successful.


The output is as follows:


You can then create the project.

dotnet New

dotnet Restore

Dotnet Run

The entire command execution is complete.

Using VS Code Development

Use VS Code to open the Netcore folder.

Note :

If you install the C # plugin using ext install CSharp, you need to wait patiently for the first time you open it.

Because you need to configure. NET Core Debugger and download Omnisharp server.

The previous comment area appeared Omnisharp server was not running because omnisharp server was not downloaded.

The installation succeeds until the display appears, and the two cannot be missed before they can be followed.

With an offline installation package, you only need to see successfully installed. NET Core Debugger. Can.

Only a successful installation will have the smart prompt and the Add profile hint.

Prompt to select Yes. The plugin will automatically configure the Launch.json for us.

Then we switch to the Debug window and we can debug it.

The next breakpoint was successfully broken.

We can also easily write code, plug-ins to provide us with smart tips.

This allows us to develop. NET Core 1.0 programs across platforms

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Developing Debug. NET Core 1.0 from scratch using vs code

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