Developing Symbian applications using carbide. c ++ 2.3

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To set up the platform, install JRE and activeprel first (note that version 5.6 is required, and errors have occurred during compilation of version 5.10)

Then install the SDK and carbide. c ++. The order between them is not important. When carbide. c ++ is enabled, the system automatically checks whether a new SDK is installed. If yes, the system loads the SDK and prompts you to restart the SDK.

You do not have to install it on drive C, but it is best to install it in the same directory. It is recommended that workspece be installed in the same directory.


Then, follow the prompts to create a helloworld step by step and run successfully on the simulator, which is still smooth. Then it runs on the real machine. I did not use the data line connection for direct debugging. I generated the sisx file and copied it to the real machine for running.


I installed the s60 3rd SDK, so the compilation options are:

Emulater debug (winscw) [s60_3rd_fp1_2]

Phone debug (armv5) [s60_3rd_fp1_2]

Phone release (armv5) [s60_3rd_fp1_2]

Phone debug (gcce) [s60_3rd_fp1_2]

Phone release (gcce) [s60_3rd_fp1_2]


The differences between winscw, armv5, and gcce are as follows:

Winscw is mainly used to run and Debug programs on the simulator;

The program compiled by gcce can run on the target mobile phone, but the compiled executable program is relatively large and the execution efficiency is not high;

The execution performance of the program compiled by the armv5 compiler on the target mobile phone is very high. However, the rvct compiler is not available in the system and cannot be compiled using the armv5 instruction set. The rvct must be authorized to be obtained.

Prj_platforms in bld. inf specifies the compilation platform supported by the project.


To generate sisx, right-click the project --> Properities --> carbide. c ++ --> build configurations --> SIS builder, add an SIS compilation rule, select a PKG, and the signature options are: 1. no signature 2. self-Signed 3. signature Based on Certificate and key


Generally, you can select a self-signed certificate. You must sign the certificate and key only when it comes to auto-start upon startup or security settings of some mobile phones.


I have imported two download source codes after helloworld. to import the files, just select bld. inf in the group folder under the project. This file is available for every symbianc ++ project.


An error occurred while compiling sisx. Later I checked that the file paths in the PKG file were incorrect, and the MIF file could not be found. This is because. the path of the MIF file in the MK file is incorrect. Modify the path and compile it again.


I have been tossing these things over the past few days and write them down for reference by beginners.

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