Development and debugging course of micro-credit public platform

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Tips: The tools provided in this article please use the Chrome browser or download Firefox browser, because most high-end development no longer support IE (or IE8 the following browsers)

First, micro-trust public platform interface Debugging tools

Enter Address,

Select the type to debug in the interface type, debug basic message here so select message interface debugging

List of interfaces, select the type you want to debug, as an example of a text message

Here is mainly to fill in the URL and content,

URL is our own development of the interface address, content is to send this interface address text message content,

Here is a fill in the following:

Content: Square Times Studio

The following other parameters can be easily filled in, because we are just testing the content,

* Tousername: Developer Micro-signal
* Fromusername: Sender account (an OpenID)
* Createtime: Message creation time (integer)
* MSGID: Message type (message id,64-bit integer)

If you do not know what to fill in, you can take the following XML data to fill in

<tousername><! [cdata[gh_82479813ed64]]></tousername>
<fromusername><! [cdata[ojpx_jig-gyi3_q9fhxq4rdhniqs]]></fromusername>
<msgtype><! [cdata[text]]></msgtype>
<content><! [Cdata[Square Times Studio]]></content>

After filling, as shown below

Click the "Check Problem" button

The last line prompts for a successful request, indicating that the data was sent to receive successfully, and that the returned data can be reconciled with its own program interface.

Second, the use of web version of micro-letter debugging

In the browser open the Micro-mail page version address, the page shows a two-dimensional code

Using the scanning function of the micro-letters in the phone, scan the two-dimensional code, and then the micro-mail on the phone will display the following

Click on the "Login Web version micro-letter" button, the phone shows the following

You can see the word "Web micro-signed" at the top.

and the browser will appear and mobile version of the micro-letter interface, double-click Open the need to debug the public account, send the corresponding keyword to test it. As shown below

Three, square times micro-letter Debugger

Micro-Letter Debugger is a square-times studio developed for the micro-trust platform Interface development and debugging tools, with token calibration, simulation concerns and cancellation of attention, send text/Picture/voice/video/location/link, analog event forwarding and other functions. Its prototype is the emulator of micro-engine.

The micro-letter debugger does not currently support the use of IE browser, please download the Chrome browser or download the Firefox browser.

The address of the micro-letter debugger is

Its interface is as follows

How to use

1. Token check

In the URL input box and token input box, respectively, fill in the micro-letter public account interface URL and token,

Click on the "token Verify" button, if the token checksum succeeds, will prompt the validation success message box, if token checksum fails, will prompt the validation failure message box.

2. Message Sending

Selecting a message type, such as text, lists the parameters for the message type, fills in the parameters of the parameter to be sent, and then clicks the Send Message button.

The sent XML is displayed in the Send message box, and the received XML data will be displayed in the Receive message box.

The micro-effect preview is also displayed on the right.

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