Development and evolution of enterprise strategic management

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A good enterprise is inseparable from a set of perfect strategic management system, it can help enterprises in the society to occupy an absolute position in the wind. The whole of enterprise strategic management includes two meanings: first, the Enterprise strategy is regarded as a complete process to be managed. Second, it sees the enterprise as an indivisible whole.

Since the 1960s, the theory of strategic management has undergone four stages of development. This article through the strategic management

On the development of the process of carding, to grasp the evolution of enterprise strategic thinking of the context and law, and the development of strategic theory of enterprises

The prospect of the potential. At present, management's view of this change is more consistent in four aspects: from process Management to

Change from inward management to outward management, change from product market management to value management; by behavioral tube

Change to cultural management.

I. Evolution of strategic management theory

From the 1960s to now only half a century, mainly through the following stages of development:

(i) Strategic management theory in the 60 and 70

In this book, Chandler analyzes the interrelationships between environment, strategy and organization, and proposes a "structural follow-up

Strategy "argument. He believes that business strategy should adapt to the environment-to meet market demand, and organizational structure must

Adapt to the corporate strategy and change as the strategy changes. Therefore, he was recognized as the first of the environment-strategy-Organization theory

Business strategy expert.

(ii) Strategic management theory in the 80 's

In the early 1980s, the strategic theory of competitive strategy, which was represented by Michael Porter of Harvard University Business School, was made

The mainstream position of management theory. The choice of competitive strategy should be based on the following two points: (1) Select attractive, high potential

Profits of the industry. The attractiveness of different industries and the opportunities for continuous profitability are different, and companies choose a

Sunrise industry, than the choice of sunset industries more conducive to improve their profitability. (2) in selected industries to determine the

Competitive position of its own advantage. In an industry, regardless of its attractiveness and the profitability opportunities offered, it is in a competitive

The advantageous position enterprise has the bigger profit possibility than the inferior enterprise. and the right choice of attractive industries and

To the position of competitive advantage, we must analyze the situation of one or several industrial structure and the competitive environment that we will enter.

(iii) Strategic management theory in the early 90 's

With the rapid development of information technology, the competition environment becomes more and more complicated, and enterprises have to turn their eyes from the external market environment.

Internal environment, focus on their own unique resources and knowledge (technology) accumulation, to form a unique competitiveness of enterprises (core competition

Competitive power).

The theoretical hypothesis is that the enterprise has different resources (including knowledge, technology, etc.) and has formed a unique energy

Resources can not be freely flowing between enterprises, for the unique resources of an enterprise, other enterprises can not get or copy, enterprise

The unique way that industry uses these resources is the basis for enterprises to form competitive advantages.

(iv) The new development of strategic management theory in the late 90

Before the 1990s, the theory of enterprise strategic management, mostly based on the competition, compared the side

Focus on competition and competitive advantage. By the 90 's, the Emergence of strategic alliance theory has led people to turn the focus of attention to

The various forms of union among enterprises. This theory emphasizes competitive cooperation and believes that competitive advantage is built on its own advantage with his

Based on the combination of people's competitive advantage. In the middle of the 90 's, with the increasing dynamic of industrial environment, technological innovation

Accelerated, competitive globalization and increasingly diversified customer needs, businesses are becoming aware that, if they want to develop,

To enhance their capabilities, or to expand into new markets, they have to work with other companies to create new value that consumers are interested in.

Second, the development trend of strategic management theory

1. The competitive space for developing an enterprise strategy is expanding. The boundaries of the industry, the boundaries between enterprises are increasingly blurred, competitive warfare

The competition, product or service of the market share of the established industry, and more

The competition for business opportunities is not bounded.

2. The enterprise's strategy has a high degree of elasticity. Enterprises are faced with a rapid change in the operating environment, unpredictable and determined.

Under the uncertainty of risk, in order to require the enterprise's competitive strategy and external change rhythm to keep pace with the conditions, the enterprise should

The ability to respond quickly and flexibly depends on the elasticity of the strategy. Strategic elasticity is based on the knowledge of the enterprise itself

The ability of the system to adapt to changing uncertainties.

3. However, we should consider whether the strategic objectives match the resources owned by the enterprise, but more pursue to establish the expansion

The goal of sex.

4. The business ecosystem, which consists of enterprise or Enterprise Alliance, becomes the main form of participation in competition. The study of competitiveness

The object is no longer confined to individual enterprise individual, but the enterprise as the Basic research unit develops to the enterprise and its place

The stage of the commercial ecosystem simultaneously.

5. The main body of formulating strategy tends to be diversified. The strategy may be more than just the prerogative of the top decision-makers in the business

Ordinary employees are no longer just the recipients and performers of the strategy.

Development and evolution of enterprise strategic management

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