Development and evolution of the Android development environment

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The beginning of the summer vacation started the development of Android mobile, in the configuration of the Java Development environment and installation of Eclipse, the need for ADT installation, download the latest version of ADT should be installed, after the installation is complete to download the SDK, this is a lot of problems, first of all, failed to fetch URL Http:// List-1.xml. I downloaded a night SDK encountered the site can not be downloaded by the wall, and then began a variety of Baidu, with a lot of ways netizens still can not solve the problem, finally decided to direct the classmate's SDK to use, hard copy, prompted ADT version and SDK version incompatible, and began to Baidu, modify the SDK corresponding ADT version Information, although the Eclipse Configuration SDK does not appear to be an error, it is not possible to develop Android. Helpless to find the students to the eclipse has been integrated with ADT and the available SDK directly copied over, the result of the computer is 32-bit system, and can not use, helpless under the system, then finally solved the Android development environment configuration, began to self-study Android project, However, with eclipse development often appears workplace space is too low, open the project a large row of Red fork, the solution is to change a space reconstruction project to copy the code. After the advent of eclipse in the Android phone interface does not come, and later connected to the phone debugging, there are many problems, are fast collapse. Finally, follow the classmate's advice to change the Android studio to solve the problem. It took half a month to completely install the Android development environment, no problems, feeling very troublesome. But Android Studio is really starting to be too jammed for low-memory computers to kill directly. Google Android Development to abandon Eclipse, to Android Studio, it is recommended to use as directly, in addition to the SDK still need to download their own, other tools have been to help you integrate.

Development and evolution of the Android development environment

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