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10 Working experience 7 recommended development class tools for older programmers

I've been working with. NET software for more than 10 years, from programmers to senior programmers to technical executives and technical directors. Witness Visual Studio. NET 2003,visul Studio 2005, Visual Studio Team System, Visual Studio ultimate,visual Studio 20 The 131 series changes with nearly 5 versions with personal use. Every version has a profound and meaningful change. Although the Web services promoted by Visual Studio. NET 2003 were not very popular, it was soon approved by the company's technical department to develop a compiled model of ASP, which completely rewritten the original ASP system.

Fortunately, I have been working on the development of. NET + SQL Server since work, and other technologies such as Oracle or Android Java have not been working for a long time, so the job I recommend is to focus on the tools of the. NET + SQL Server class.

1 ReSharper 7.1

Now the standard configuration of the computer developer hardware is i5+8g, when memory is sufficient, the first plugin to install after Visual Studio is recommended is

ReSharper, the hundreds of functional points of the software are very useful. The latest version of ReSharper is resharper.2015.1.ultimate.9.1.0, which supports visual Studio 2015.

2. NET Reflector

The famous. NET reflector is included in this toolbox.. NET reflector I used to look at compiled assemblies to see if the namespaces are canonical and see if the names of the types are reasonable, as shown in.

As a programmer who has been developing for many years, it is always very offensive to see that the code contains Windowsapplication1,button1, Panel1 and the like. This kind of meaningless naming, to the program code maintenance personnel bring a lot of pain.

3 SQL Prompt 6

The first thing to do after installing SQL Server is to install the SQL prompt plug-in, which expands the smart hints for writing SQL code in SQL Server Managment Studio, making it easier, faster, and more accurate to write SQL statements.

The diagram is the classic SQL prompt Code Smart prompt window. When the mouse hovers over an object (table name, view name, field name), SQL prompt displays the object's properties. As shown in, the script shows all the fields of the current part table.

SQL prompt is often included in the Sqltoolbelt Toolkit, and this series of package tools is useful.

4 SQL Compare

In the process of database development, often add some scripts, when these scripts are deployed to other computers, the method of manually adding scripts is too primitive and error-prone, so the advent of SQL compare, fully meet my needs.

As shown, using SQL Server Management Studio to modify the table or view definition on a developed computer, run this tool when you need to deploy the script to another database or computer, and select the database on both sides to do a fuss.

5 Code Smith 6.5

There are often similar code authoring tools that you will consider encapsulating these common duplicated code into the Code Smith template file. Extract the mutable part as a parameter, and the runtime selects or enters a parameter to generate the required code.

6. NET Reactor

Often give customers or prospective customers some example code, and do not want to give the code completely to the unpaid customers. For. NET of the assembly format files, the non-confusing files to the customer, you can think of the source code to the customer. Often when dealing with customers, the customer has not yet paid, the program cannot be sent to the customer test, had to use. NET reactor shell obfuscation. This is not entirely useful, now the anti-aliasing tool is very much, accuracy is also very high.

This is done only to make it difficult to read after the code is decompile. However, the quality of the customer is after the prepayment, then provide the program or technical support, this will not be the need for encryption confusion.

7 Llbl Gen Pro

Contacted Llbl Gen Pro for more than 6 years, from the beginning of the unfamiliar, confused, to the end fully accepted, and can use this tool to lead the team to develop projects independently, deeply know that ORM for enterprise application development of great significance. ORM generated table corresponding to the mapped entity, through the operation of the entity, the realization of OOP object-oriented programming, code maintainability, accessibility has been greatly improved. At any time, I recommend this tool as the preferred tool for non-contact ORM development friends.

Development class Tools

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