Development History of rungoo. enterpriseorm code generation tools

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After entering 8848, the first contactCodeThe generation tool has gained a deep understanding of the concept of ORM for the first time, which has aroused great interest. However, as we enter the start-up stage, this kind of interest has begun to fade away, but it is precisely because of that close contact, therefore, many versions are derived. These versions have never been released. First, they are developed for specific ORM architectures and do not have a wide range of versatility. Second, due to time and energy, many bugs are not fixed in time, therefore, it is constantly improving.
This tool is not universal and only supports SQL Server and C # development, but it is oriented to a complete three-tier solution. Most of these versions were developed at 8848, and only one version was developed after work on Sina. Because Sina's team uses different architectures, It is stuck, upgraded again, added support for sql2005 and vs2005, but must be in.. NET Framework 2.0.
During development, the final name has not been determined, and the name is rather messy. The last name isRungoo. enterpriseormThe Chinese name isEnterprise Architecture ORM toolsBecause the tool is developed based on the enterprise-level three-layer extended architecture, it is suitable for the development of large-scale solutions and team collaboration. It requires certain development ideas of programmers.

This is the most primitive prototype, written by 8848 of normal people.

I added custom names and database parameter definitions to the 1st versions I modified.

2nd versions. Based on the previous version, the code snippet generation function is added. You can customize method parameters and corresponding control types.

In version 3rd, some modifications were made based on the previous version, and the code snippet generation function was added.

4th versions, the largest version changed, added the display of data tables, fields, and stored procedures for selection, added more flexible code generation methods, and more code fragment generation functions

Version 5th looks like a piece of software. It is also the last version running in Framework 1.1. The biggest modification is support for code coloring. Due to time and many other factors, the bug of some details has not been modified, so it is still dead.

The latest version, which runs under. NET 2.0, introduces third-party components and fully supports multi-code coloring. It supports multiple code generation methods and more intelligent variable and control judgment. It can be directly used for codes at different layers without any modifications, in addition, the project configuration can be automatically modified for the generation of new class files, and does not need to be manually included in the project. This version is currently tested and used in actual project development and has been quite stable.

After the introduction, we plan to improve the help documentation and release the document. Please put more bricks in your hand. I don't want to write a general program. I only want to write practical code. The goal is to generate complete code for the same solution from the beginning to the end. Currently, this goal is 80%, we look forward to further improvement.

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