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Next, I will discuss how to set up a team after preparing the risk detection table. This article describes how to select the standards for appropriate team members.

If a project team has a suitable person, it may not be able to form a real team. However, if a non-formatted person enters the project team, it is impossible to form a real team. Therefore, selecting the right members is crucial for Team building. Finding the right person is half the success.

Large numbers of enterprises can be divided into four types:

1. Identify with enterprise values and have the capabilities required by the Enterprise

2. Do not recognize whether the enterprise's values have the capabilities required by the Enterprise?

3. Enterprises that recognize enterprise values but do not have the capabilities they need

4. Those who do not recognize enterprise values but have the capabilities required by the enterprise.

The first and second processing methods are simple: Reuse and dismissal. However, it is not that easy for third and fourth persons. The typical four or three kinds of people are old employees of an enterprise. They are loyal and responsible to the enterprise. as they grow older, their knowledge and capabilities gradually become obsolete. If we simply dismiss it, it will make the latencies. The fourth typical type of person is "Airborne Troops". Enterprises certainly need to dig them, but they may not be interested in the enterprise, in addition, this may result in "attracting the son-in-law to take the son. Then, for the project manager, you should select only the first type of person, that is, the person who has a sense of responsibility for the project and has the ability to play with the planning to show you what you need.

There are many criteria for selecting appropriate project team members, including the following:


1. knowledge and skills related to tasks.

This is the most basic condition. To achieve this, we need to break down the project work and define the knowledge and capabilities required to complete various activities. Generally, an effective team requires three different skills: Members with technical expertise, members with problem definition and decision-making skills, and Members with problem solving and interpersonal skills. The technical, capability, and knowledge structures of these people should be complementary.

2. Individuals are interested in project tasks and can fulfill their commitments.

Interest is the best incentive. When a person is devoted to a job, can he stimulate his/her maximum potential and do his/her best job; if the person who is engaged in this job does not like this job, there will be resistance, and the quality and progress of the project work will be hard to guarantee.

3. Have time to participate in the project.

Any project team wants to find people or experts, and then the experts or experts are people that all project teams want. They are busy with various project teams or work. The failure of many projects is not due to the lack of professional competence of the project team members, but to the lack of investment in the project.

4. I like teamwork.

"Technical Experts" are often encountered in project work. They have high professional skills, but it is difficult to cooperate with others. These people entering the project team may cause great harm to the establishment of the project team.

Assign roles to appropriate members. The administrator must understand the personal advantages that a project team member can contribute to the team, and select personnel and assign team roles accordingly.


According to the research results of organizational behavior, people like to play nine types of Team Roles in the team.

1. creator.This kind of person is generally imaginative and good at proposing new ideas or new concepts. They hope to be unwilling to accept the constraints of the team system according to their habits and work methods.

2. explorer.Such people are willing to accept and support new concepts. They are good at using new concepts.

3. organizer.Such people like to develop operational programs to make new creative programming results. They are good at planning and organizing human resources.

4. Producer.Such people undertake specific tasks in the team and turn their ideas into results. They are proud to be able to produce their own products that meet quality standards or possess superb professional skills and knowledge.

5. Examiner.Such people are most concerned about checking whether rules and regulations are observed. They are good at checking details to avoid mistakes in their work.

6. maintainer. Such people have a strong Atomicity in doing things. They will actively support other team members who can enhance the stability of the team.

7. listener.Such people are good audience members who are good at collecting information for the team.

8. evaluator.These people have strong analytical skills and are good at analyzing and evaluating project plans.

9. Coordinator.This type of person is able to establish partnerships among team members.

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