Development of "happiness" (funny version)

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Ben and Gary (QA and Software Process expert in a software company in Guangzhou) discuss "how happiness is developed D ":

Two people sit together and have a blind date. The male looks like a female and the female looks honest. This is the "feasibility analysis stage ";
Two people started regular appointments, and girls began to be picky about authority (for example, what kind of gift would they give me on every holiday...). This was "signing exchange contracts and building development plans ";

Two people communicate with each other during the appointment. Boys are playing around in front of girls, while girls are turning boys' wallets. This is a "Demand Survey ";
The two men confirmed the relationship between men and women and started their formal interactions. During this period, the boys said, "This mm is covered by me." the girl said, "My boyfriend pays for the bill ", this is the signature confirmation of the "requirement specification;

Boys take girls to work and go shopping every day; girls laugh when they cry; girls laugh when they laugh, boys cannot laugh happier than girls... this is the "design coding stage ";
The girl asks the boy periodically, "I am beautiful, or that MM is beautiful", "How much do you love me", "can you pick me up the Mars in the sky and give it to me? "...... This is called" internal test, or unit test ";

Girls sometimes say, "You see, some other boyfriends have bought a very nice dress, but they just bought a * (more than 3 digits) RMB dress for their girlfriends, look at how loving people are ".......... this is "peer review ";

The two men finally decided to get married, and then met their parents and asked them to get married. The two parents agreed that this was the "test phase ";
Two people move together ..... there is a term called "cohabitation" and "Trial marriage "........ this is called "Release betarc1 test ";

If two people are forced to marry with "purpose", they can only "Release the release version" in advance and take the "special case handling" channel;

The two men finally decided to get married. They are going to see their parents. This is the official release of the release version ";
The two men began to consult with each other and propose a marriage request. The two parents agreed that this was the first test of the system ";
Two people get the Marriage Certificate and become legal couples. This is the system preliminary acceptance report ";

Two people put on their wedding dresses, walked into the wedding hall, opened their wedding banquet, recruited three friends and four friends, and announced the combination of a new couple. This is the "final verification of the system ";
The two were newly married and entered the cave room. This is the "System final verification report ";
Two people have the crystallization of love, new life was born, this is the "Project Summary Report ";
Two people started their sweet life after marriage, building a happy family, providing buildings, and providing elder care for the elderly. This is "post-project maintenance ";

Two people are always with each other and their children have their own families. This is the end of the project maintenance period ".

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