Development of Real Estate Information collectors with WPF + MongoDB (4) -- General introduction of real estate information collectors attachment program download

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Another weekend, so far, the basic functions of real estate information collection have been completed. It mainly includes

  • Functionality
    Add, delete, modify, and delete tags;
    Delete and follow real estate information;
  • Non-functional
    Shortcut Key;
    Minimize the system tray;
    Tool bar, status bar, etc;

The following describes the overall situation and functions of the software:

  • Overview
    The tab bar is on the left side of the main screen to display custom labels and default software labels (My followed and all ).
    The upper part of the table is the toolbar, and its operations are for the rows selected in the table. In addition, the last two buttons in the toolbar are downloaded and refreshed.
    The bottom of the screen is the status bar, which is mainly used to display the operation status and download status.
  • Label bar on the left
    The tag is added by the user. Used to download the downloaded data. You can set tag attributes based on the area, price, and area you are interested in to facilitate filtering. Right-click the sidebar to open the menu for adding, deleting, and modifying tags.
    At the same time, the software has my follow tag by default, which is used to display the property information that users follow.
  • Toolbar and status bar
    The operations on the toolbar are for the selected rows. Nothing else.
  • Minimal System Tray
    When the software is minimized, it is minimized to the system tray for easy operation in the background. Otherwise, it is always displayed in the status bar, which affects everyone's work. Haha.

RunningProgramPreviously, you must install the MongoDB database on the local machine ~~~ Can you use a program to install the MongoDB database and start the corresponding service.

Download the program. Real Estate Information Collection

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