Development of the student archive management system for Bachelor's degree in computer science

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Bachelor degree in computer science Design
Development of the student archive management system

The computer has become a mantra hanging in the corner of our mouth. It has penetrated into all aspects of daily work and life, such as text processing, information management, aided design, graphic image processing, education and training, and game and entertainment. Windows The launch of the system has moved computers from an elegant academic hall to ordinary homes. People from all walks of life can use computers to complete many complex tasks without special training. However, although the world is full of various software, they still cannot meet the special needs of users, and people have to develop software suitable for their special needs. Previous Development Windows The software is the work of professional personnel and requires a lot of professional knowledge and special training to be competent. It's different now, even if you have never accepted strict Program Design training, use Visual Basic You can also develop applications that are powerful and suitable for your specific needs. Visual Basic Inherited Basic Easy to learn and easy to use, especially suitable for beginners Windows System Programming.
As ×××× University ×× Computer science students have special interests in computer operations and programming. After work and study, I often study the basic theories of professional courses and often use VB Debug some small programs.
We all know that the student archive management system is an indispensable part of an educational unit. , Its content is of critical importance to school decision makers and managers. , Therefore, the student archive management system should be able to provide users with sufficient information and quick query methods. However, people have been using traditional manual methods to manage files and archives, which has many disadvantages. , For example : Low Efficiency and poor confidentiality , Another long time , Will generate a large amount of files and data , This makes it difficult to search, update, and maintain data. Using computers to manage student archive information , Advantages that cannot be compared with manual management . For example : Quick retrieval, convenient searching, high reliability, large storage capacity, good confidentiality, long service life, low cost. These advantages can greatly improve the efficiency of student Archive Management , It is also an important way for enterprises to achieve scientific and formal management.
In order to give a satisfactory answer to the school at graduation, it is necessary to develop such a management software., In the following chapters, I will take the development of a student archive management system as an example. , Let's talk about the development process and related problems and solutions.
Chapter 1 VB Language Overview
1.1 , VB Introduction
VB It is a quick visual program development tool developed by Microsoft. With the monopoly of Microsoft in operating systems and office software, VB In just a few years (the following content is omitted ).
Chapter 3 usage Access2000 Implementing relational databases
3 . 1 Database concept
A database is a tool for storing and operating data. A database is used to organize and express information. In short, a database is a collection of information. Computer databases can be divided into two types: Non-relational databases ( Flat-File And relational databases ( Relational ). A relational database contains information about multiple data tables. A database contains the terms of different parts, such as records and domains.
3 . 2 Create a database
The first step in creating any database is to carefully plan the database. The design must be flexible and logical. The process of creating a database structure is considered a data model design.
1 . Identify the required data;
2 . Collect identified fields into the table;
3 . Identifies the primary keyword field;
4 . Draw a simple data chart;
5 . Standardized data;
6 . Identifies the information of the specified field;
7 . Create a physical table.
3 . 3 Modify an existing database
Database modifications include adding, editing, and deleting records. All three operations can be performed Visual Basic The following sections describe the specific implementation methods.
3 . 4 Connect databases
The relationship between databases indicates that two databases share a common keyword value. A join is a virtual table, which is created when the user asks to obtain information from different associated tables, keyword fields are used to find matching records in different joined tables. A more advanced connection is called self-connection. This connection refers to a table that is connected to its own field, or a combination of fields consisting of repeated data in different records. There are three types of keywords in the database: Primary keywords, composite keywords, and external keywords. The keyword type used in the table is used to describe what the database represents and how to establish relationships with other databases in the database. ................................. ( Content in the middle section)........................
Chapter IV system overall planning

4.2System Business Flow Chart
The focus of the detailed investigation is to describe the management business process, and describe the management activities by using some graphical tools in the system flowchart. Symbol description of business flow chart 4 - 1 As shown in: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , ......... ( Content in the middle section )............ Personnel entities or documents in the system, physical objects or information flows, processing data storage
Figure 4 - 1 Business Flow Chart
After detailed investigation, the management business flow chart of the student archive management system is drawn. 4 - 2 . ......... ( Content in the middle section )............ Figure 4 - 2 Business Flow chart of the student archive management system
4.3 Proposal of system logic model
The main result of system analysis is the system logic model. The logic model of the system mainly describes the data flow diagram and Data Dictionary of the system. That is, on the basis of careful analysis and research on student achievement management methods and business processes, the information barriers caused by the existing organization and division of labor are excluded. Starting from the business management functions and management objects, the system overview is outlined based on the data stream and data structure in the information system.
4.3.1 Data Flow Diagram (abbreviatedDFD )
A data flow chart is an abstraction of Information Movement in an organization. It is based on research, from the scientific perspective of the system, the rationality of management, and the feasibility of the actual movement. The information processing function and the connection between each other are broken down layer by layer, logically, the system can accurately describe the data processing functions, data input, data output, data storage, data source and destination (external entities) that the system should have.
First, analyze the overall situation of student archive management, divide system boundaries, identify the data sources and locations of the system, determine external entities, and obtain the top-level data flow chart of the system;
Then, several major information management functions are divided, and the relationship between functions is clarified, and a data flow chart is drawn.
Symbol description of data flow chart 4 - 3 .
Top-level data flow chart of the student archive management system 4 - 4 .
Data flowchart of the student archive management system 4 -5 As shown in ......... ( Content in the middle section )............ External entity Processing Data Stream Data Storage
Figure 4 - 3 Data Flow Chart symbol

Figure4-4Top-level data flow chart of student Archive Processing

Figure4-5System Data Flow Chart

where 'P' indicates data processing, 'F' indicates the data stream, 'D' indicates data storage.
4 . 3 . 2 Data Dictionary ( DD for short)
draw DFD, only describes data processing and the relationship between each other. To further clarify the details of the data and the data processing process , the data elements of all data streams and their components in the data flow diagram should be, data storage, data processing, clearly described through the data dictionary , for later system design. This requires developers to write a detailed data dictionary , to describe the details of the system development process.
lists the data dictionaries of data items, data streams, data storage, processing, and data structures in the system.
1 . The DD tables of data items are listed as follows:
table 4 - 1 student number data dictionary

data item
system name: Student Archive Management System No: i001 name: student number alias:
data item value: Type: bytes length: 8 Bytes:
description: each student has a unique ID to facilitate the entry of the Score list and score. It is a unique identifier of a student. There is a unique student ID. For example, "011976" generally uses the first two digits to indicate the year of admission and the middle two digits to indicate the class, the last two digits indicate the number of the student in the class. If the number of students in this class exceeds 100 , "0119a0" indicates 100 students.
modification record:
audit date

Table5-2Name Data Dictionary
Data items
System name: Student Archive Management System No:I002Name: Student name alias: Name
Data item value:
Type: bytes length:8Byte value range:
Summary: Each student has a unique name, that is, each student ID corresponds to a student name.,However, different student IDs can have the same name.,That is to say, the relationship between student numbers and names is many-to-one.,This is the reason for the duplicate name..
Modify record: write date
Review Date
Data Dictionary for other data items.

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