Development of Windows Mobile program environment Configuration

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Develop Windows Mobile ProgramEnvironment Configuration:

(1 ). Install the vs2005 software. vs2005 and vs2003 can be installed in the same system, but you must set them in IIS when running the program. The setting method is as follows: website --> Framework version. You can set this option before debugging the program.

(2) install the simulator Manager software vs_emulator2.0.exe, which is included in 2005. Version 0, 2. 0. You must install it on your own.

(3) install the synchronization software. After installation, you can perform a basic test. The self-contained simulator in 2005 contains the SQL Server mobile 2005 software, which also has the corresponding query analyzer. You can see the data information stored in the database on the simulator, and some table information.

(4) If you want to interact with the back-end Oracle database, you need to use WebServices. WebServices can be written by yourself, and of course some well-prepared WebServices can be used.

(5) If the backend database is SQL Server, there is no need to use WebServices. In this way, the SQL Server mobile on the simulator can be connected through the ole db driver and the far-end SQL Server.

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