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Development tools in linux-preliminary evaluation of Kylix-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. Borland has always been known for its high-performance and efficient application development tools. We will not forget the Turbo C, Borland C ++ on the DOS platform, delphi, C ++ Build, and Java development tools on Windows. All of the above products are classic, especially the object-oriented Pascal-based Delphi.
The rise of Linux has further promoted the development of the Internet, making low-cost Internet application platforms possible. However, the lack of development tools and the low efficiency of development tools still limit the further application and promotion of Linux.

Therefore, Borland decided to start the Kylix project based on the online voting results, and developed a fast application development tool based on the Linux platform and the object-oriented Pascal architecture, that is, the Linux version of Delphi (Kylix ). Facts show that some functions of the development tool have exceeded Delphi.

Improved development efficiency
The entire development environment of Kylix is very similar to that of Delphi, so that Delphi users can get started with development without getting familiar with the development environment again. Kylix uses an optimized 32-bit compiler to directly compile and generate local code. Compiler advantages make Kylix applications very efficient (5-50 times faster than programs using interpreters ), especially when performing computing and analysis applications and large data operation applications, the efficiency is more obvious.

Kylix provides a solution for program development efficiency, distribution, and maintenance. This is to dynamically load compiled packages. The dynamic loading Package Technology is a unique compilation technology that separates applications to reuse program code. It can also modularize application development, the application is very convenient in development management and maintenance. When a program is changed, you only need to re-compile the Changed module and distribute it to users, the maintenance cost is reduced by avoiding re-compilation and distribution of the entire application. The application that dynamically loads packages makes the application very small, and the execution performance is further improved.

Kylix standard controls facilitate rapid development of applications. Kylix provides 165 visible and invisible controls, both of which are source programs and can be reused and expanded.

You can use the network control and Wizard provided by Kylix to quickly develop Apache-based Web applications. Kylix provides controls for Internet communication through sockets, making program design more flexible.

Easy to learn and use
Kylix is the first RAD (Rapid Application Development) Environment in Linux. Developers in Windows will find that learning to use Kylix is not difficult.

Functions of three developers in Kylix

For Delphi programmers
Delphi developers have unique advantages in using Kylix for development in Linux. First, the Kylix interface is very similar to the Delphi interface that developers are already familiar with and is easy to use. In addition, Kylix retains the same tool set as Delphi (including form design, target detection, debugger and compiler), and even the new library component CLX module, which is developed from Delphi VCL, therefore, it is easier to port a program developed with Delphi to Linux. That is to say, when developers combine Kylix and Delphi, they only need to master a set of basic skills and use the same basic code to develop cross-platform applications on Linux and Windows.

For database developers
Developers can use Kylix to implement high-performance e-commerce applications based on Oracle and IBM DB2 in Linux. With the high-speed dbExpress database drive, developers can easily integrate existing Oracle, DB2, InterBase, and MySQL databases into applications, kylix provides a set of powerful data warehouse GUI components to quickly develop data center applications. Kylix uses the SQL Monitor and SQL test and debugging components to test the performance and response capabilities of database applications, and uses Cached Updates to improve server response capabilities.

For Linux developers
Thanks to its stability, flexibility, and low price, Linux has been widely used in Web application servers and is rapidly becoming a desktop alternative to Windows. However, traditional development tools on Linux are not satisfactory. First, they are difficult to learn. In addition, compared with efficient development tools on Windows, they need to be improved. Now, Kylix has changed this situation. Kylix introduced RAD (Rapid Application Development) into Linux, greatly accelerating Application Development in Linux.
Some content related to Web development in Kylix

For Web developers
Kylix can accelerate the development of Apache Web servers. Kylix's NetCLX combines browser, server, and database development technologies to quickly develop high-throughput Web applications. Developers can use 65 existing Internet components to integrate Internet functions such as HTTP, FTP, SMTP, and NNTP into applications.

For VB developers
The Kylix programming module is the same as the event-driven visual programming module in VB. Therefore, with Kylix, VB programmers will soon be able to easily write programs in Linux, as he did in Windows.
Some VB-related content in Kylix
In fact, in Linux, apart from Kylix, there is no programming tool that is so similar to VB in visual design, interactive debugger, internal code compiler, database, desktop applications, and other aspects. Different from VB, The Kylix application uses the Kylix built-in internal code compiler, which is very fast and can compile 4 million lines of statements in one minute.
To sum up, we can see that Borland is painstaking to attract experienced programmers as much as possible. At the same time, we can also see that Kylix is indeed doing very well. I believe that in the future, it will certainly become the focus of attention and win the success it deserves.
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