Development Trend of SD-WAN in 2018, sd-wan in 2018

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Development Trend of SD-WAN in 2018, sd-wan in 2018

SD-WAN in 2017 has exceeded the industry's development expectations, has become one of the most popular trends in the network industry, each quarter survey agencies released the Forecast number is increasing, IDC predicts that the SD-WAN market will reach $8.05 billion by 2021.

The most common question we hear is: Will SD-WAN's predictions continue to increase? Is there a demand for more than 40 SD-WAN vendors in the market? Do vrouters need to be used in more and more virtualized networks? Which is the next company to be acquired?

Digital Transformation remains the driving force of Network Innovation. increasing bandwidth, cloud IaaS and SaaS applications, and WAN complexity and security are basically the same as those of a few years ago, but these interruptions have changed, IT is becoming more and more important for IT to work across networks, not just WAN solutions.

  • Digital interruption. More and more devices will create more and more data, which is a challenge for IT. If IT staff lacks business and IT insights on the network, how can IT manage more devices?
  • Complexity. The branch contains multiple devices, which means that IT must change each device separately, and in most cases, IT is manually slow and error-prone.
  • Security. As the number of security attacks continues to rise, attacks become increasingly complex and come from different sources. Internal and external security risks have a great impact on the business, the IT department is enduring an unrestricted attack.

Technological innovation will determine the future of SD-WAN in 2018 and the following changes are expected in 2018:

  • Further market consolidation: the acquisition of Viptela and VeloCloud shows that the customer needs are still very large, SD-WAN is mature. Since technology vendors and service providers both want to expand their portfolio through SD-WAN, more consolidation will take place in the industry.
  • Hosting service providers go deep into the virtualization field: MSP is looking to change the infrastructure, rather than providing additional value-added services connected. We hope to see MSP be able to use flexible software licenses to deploy a large-scale network with a virtual CPE solution for higher flexibility and investment protection.
  • SD-WAN will be more than pure SD-WAN: companies both want the SD-WAN to be simple, but also want to be able to integrate all branch equipment. SD-WAN vendors began to integrate more comprehensive security and WAN optimization features with support for virtualization into one platform.
  • Artificial Intelligence: SD-WAN will provide a connection to the user's terminal, but what is the optimal path to routing through the Wan? Intention-based networks will make Wan management and O & M easier, and will also use artificial intelligence and machine learning to become more intelligent, thus ensuring the robustness of Wan.
  • Security designed for collaborative work: effective security requires end-to-end visualization, not just wan. To protect branch offices and wide areas from increasingly complex threats, expect to see SD-WAN platforms include more embedded security features using advanced threat detection technology. Direct Internet access and cloud access require security to protect data transmitted over the Internet, but machine learning needs to view all threats, even those encrypted communications.

In 2018, the development of SD-WAN will be very different.

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