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This article is for my. NET control Library DevExpress use notes, my devexpress version is 13.1

1. Control type full Name: DevExpress.XtraEditors.RangeControl

2. The assembly where the control is located: Devexpress.xtraeditors.v13.1.dll

3. Category in Toolbox: Dx.13.1:common Controls

4. Control style

5, a new Rangecontrol is placed in the window body, there will be a line of words "Please add the client to Rangecontrol"

On the bottom side of the property manager, you can find the "Add Numeric Client" and click the link

At this point, a new control is placed in the Rangecontrol control. The control is of type DevExpress.XtraEditors.NumericRangeControlClient, which inherits from Rangecontrolclientbase, which inherits from component

In the Numericrangecontrolclient attribute, maximum is the rightmost value displayed on the area of the interface, minimum the leftmost value of the area displayed on the interface, Rulerdelta the value for every two tick interval

5, the use of Rangecontrol effect, can be seen from the following GIF dynamic graph

Drag the mouse around two rectangular bars, you can pull the selection of the left or right edge of the region:

The control also allows you to zoom in or out on the currently displayed range of numbers:

Two pictures taken from the official page of DevExpress:


DevExpress: Range Selection Control Rangecontrol

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