Diagram of wire crystal Head connection method

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Method one, before making network cable, need to prepare several kind of tool.

1, with 8P Groove crimping pliers One.

2, five types of network cable, which is now the most commonly used network cable several meters.

3, RJ-45 plug, which is known as the number of crystal head.

PS: In theory, the crystal head only needs 2, just in case, more prepared.

Method one, the wire standard line order:

Standard 568a:1 Green white, 2 green, 3 orange white, 4 blue, 5 blue and white, 6 orange, 7 brown white, 8 brown

Standard 586b:1 Orange white, 2 orange, 3 green white, 4 blue, 5 blue and white, 6 green, 7 Brown, 8 brown

The Internet only uses 1 2 3 6 1.2 to upload 3.6, the telephone uses 4.5 7.8 is does for the power supply, some equipment wants, the international standard.

Methods three, wire connection method, now the most commonly used cable five types of twisted pair, it has 2 kinds of connection, straight line and crossover line.

Straight line: Both ends are 568B standard. For connection:

PC (computer) —————————— hub (hub)

PC (computer) —————————— switch (switch)

PC (computer) —————————— ROUTER (Router)

Hub (Hub) ———————— hub (hub)-level connector

Switch (switch) —————— the hub (hub) Cascade Port

Switch (switch) —————— switch (switch) level connecting port

Switch (switch) —————— ROUTER (Router)

Cross line: One is 568A and the other is 568B. Used to connect

PC (computer) —————————— PC (computer)

Hub (Hub) ———————— hub (hub)

Switch (switch) —————— switch (switch)

ROUTER (Router) —————— ROUTER (Router)

To add, you need to use reverse line to configure network devices.

It's simple! Straight line is the same line between the two ends of the line, used for interconnection between different devices, the intersection line is the two ends of the line sequence of different lines, for the same equipment interconnection.

Methods four, the actual wire crystal Head production steps:

Step 1, using crimping pliers will cut off the cable's rubber length about 2cm.

Step 2, according to the above standard line order to arrange the network cable Well, may be the following figure:

Step 3, cut the end of the 8 strand line.

Step 4, the Crystal Head has a plastic spring piece downward, with a metal pin up the end, the neat 8 strands into the crystal head, and make it tightly to the top.

Step 5, insert the crystal head into the groove of 8P, and squeeze the crimping pliers with force!

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