Dial-up can be connected to the Internet, but the router does not have a solution

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Bloggers at the same time part-time company's network maintenance, today the thieves depressed, first dial 678, 691, 676 various errors one by one, get to want to vomit blood, had to hit the 1W, the repair, God, telecommunications Master, click on the next connection, seconds even, well, exactly what is the situation I do not know, well, it is good, However, the telecommunications master reminded 2 small knowledge, one is the number of dial-up not too much, otherwise, there may be 676 telephone busy problem, there is another one is if there are more than one computer, you can try to change a dial try, perhaps the magic of the second even ...

ps:676 phone busy problem can also be used to change the computer network card MAC address to solve, I did not try, do not like this method.

The telecommunications master sent out the door, I think this can be smooth, still not minutes to solve this inexplicable problem, the reality is cruel, dial-up Internet wood has a problem, can be a router is not connected, tried many times, changed a router is still so, this under the dumbfounded, this can be how to do it, OK, I want to give up, fortunately have colleagues, Consulted for a while, he had an idea to clone a MAC address on it, I wound up, and this kind of thing??? Not experienced at all, well, I try to see, unfortunately did not succeed, I once thought to be ashamed, fortunately, after the resumption of the next finally connected, OH my god! I am relieved, long out of breath, finally normal ... (who is not normal, OK, I raised posture)

Accompanying graphics and text tutorial:

The operator binds the MAC address of the computer's network card to cause the dial-up to be unsuccessful:

Some operators (ISPs) will bind the user's computer card to the physical address (that is, the MAC address) when installing the broadband service to the user, and only the computer that is bound can dial the Internet via PPPoE, and no other computer or router can dial.

On the router, the solution to this problem is: with a single computer can dial the Internet management router, into the router management interface → network parameters →mac address cloning, will be bound to the computer (stand-alone dial-up computer) of the Nic Mac cloned to the router can be, the following figure.

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