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This morning I saw a post by Li: What are the conditions? Record the education system.

I am very sympathetic to Li's experiences. Maybe sympathy is not suitable, but I can deeply understand it, because I have also had such experiences. however, after reading many comments, I think most people mislead Li.

We can see that most people encourage the landlord. Encouragement is important, but it cannot be partial. Otherwise, it will mislead the landlord and most people (including me) Like the landlord ).

Irrelevant education:

To treat such people, we need to tell them that education is important and important.

First of all, what I have seen and heard is that my company is a good example (the company name is not mentioned, otherwise it will be despised by others). When our company is recruiting on campus, basically, they all go to Zhejiang University, Nanjing University, Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and many other well-known universities. From here, we can see that, education is very important for new students. Otherwise, it is not necessary to spend so much money to go to a famous university, after all, a good university has a higher chance of providing you with a better foundation and atmosphere, and a better foundation can be built into the towering building. if you don't spend a lot of time learning about you, your education is an important factor.

Second, education is also a manifestation of competence. many large enterprises not only need to look at what you can do, because it only represents the present, but more importantly, they need to see how much you can reach in the future. what are their criteria for measuring you? Education is a good standard. to give a simple example, all programmers know what a project is. Isn't a diploma a project? The goal of this project is to get a diploma in just a few years, however, this project can be done by many people at the same time. If you can get a degree, it means that you have completed the project well. If you get a higher degree, it means that your project has achieved the set goal, it is also doing better in performance, scalability, and other aspects. what are the causes of project failures that you cannot get your education qualifications? Are they all external factors without any internal reasons?

Extreme degree

To treat such a person, we need to tell him that it is impossible to have a degree or ability.

Especially for some small enterprises, they don't even have the chance of face-to-face communication if they have graduated from a "three-rate" University. we must resolutely despise and abandon such behavior. after all, the actual work is done by people with academic qualifications, that is, the ability of a person to determine whether the work can be done well, instead of a diploma obtained in the past. so don't worry about people who are in the same situation as Li. if you have the ability, you will not be afraid of having the opportunity. Even if there are fewer opportunities than others, I believe that the ability to seize the opportunity is much better than others.

I am also a "three streams" university student. I also met N many such experiences when I first graduated. However, I came here. but I did not forget that I am a diploma without gold, so I will try to get a higher diploma. if you want to ask me why? I will ask you: Why not? When you can have a higher diploma, you also get something else. You have both fish and bear's paw. You want to be a fool. two people of the same level, you are Tsinghua and xxx University (unknown). Your president is willing to take whom to meet the customer and who to assign a higher position, 95% of the probability is higher education. that makes him feel that he has a lot of face in front of the customer.

This is a reality. If you cannot change him, you should be smart and accept him.

Conclusion: do not give up your pursuit, even if you have a good job and a good life.


Note: after reading a lot of comments, I feel that many people have misunderstood the purpose of this Article. This article does not argue about the use of academic qualifications, because these are all questions about benevolence and wisdom, I am writing this article to tell people with low education backgrounds not to be discouraged. do not be proud of highly educated people.

Whether or not your degree is high or low, you must keep yourself down to earth and plan your own life.

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