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I never really want to do anything, and I slept late yesterday. I slept late at and always wanted to have a rest during the day.

In the morning, Server Application UnAvaliable was reported as a red-letter error, which seemed to be more advanced than Service Unavailable.
After I searched the internet and re-installed IIS, the problem could not be solved: The strange thing is that if there is only one DateTime in the page. now. toString () (My Asp.net standard test code. Finally, locate the User-Defined UserControl, use the RadTreeView that you are not familiar with, and use IPostBackEventHandler, I was worried about what went wrong here-but yesterday was always good.
Finally, my colleague came over at noon. I did not dare to let the stuff I wrote affect my colleagues' work. I commented out the code and it was really a mistake in my code.

In fact, the final error is that an error occurred while reading data from the WSS server. However, this prompt does not seem clear. Adding a frame to the cause of the hidden error is indeed a waste of time.

No rest at noon, and the result is worse in the afternoon. It seems that no matter how busy it is, you need to take a break.

In the afternoon, I want to cancel the Toggle function in RadTreeView. First, I want to remove the click event and then change the icon. Find the official help, which is clearer than the MSDN style. If you find BeforeToggle/AfterToggle, these client events do not work-you can only do things here, but it is impossible to block this event. I tried to use event. srcElement, but the result is still a failure.
I want to look at the source code through Reflector to find some clues, but this complicated code will be visible at half past one (and because of my cainiao technology. Finally, I want to find some clues from the referenced js. -- It took a lot of time to know that this event was related to Toggle. Then the keyword is found.
In js, we suddenly see a sentence "RadTreeNode. prototype. Toggle". In the past, RadTreeView was very familiar with objects on the client. For example, BeforeToggle would be passed in with the Node parameter. Now that we have found this sentence, we can define it as an empty function.
However, the original functions cannot be affected. Therefore, add RadTreeNode to the page. prototype. toggle = function () {}; Firebug is also used here for testing. It is much easier to measure the corresponding items in that Console, just like the real-time window in vs2005. At first, we saw that RadControl also has Namespace. In the end, we don't need to worry about this (I didn't understand it ).
-- To be honest, it is much easier to implement a function.

Finally, I changed the image, created a Skin for RadTreeView, and copied a group of images. However, I encountered a cache problem in windows resource manager. After a while, I got off work.

After work, I have a group dinner, self-help western food, and eat casually. I am not very interested in such food, especially those who want some sauce, so I have no appetite. I still like Chinese food. In short, I still like things that are very traditional and common. "strange" things don't want to eat.

The time of one day, including yesterday, and the day before yesterday, is three days in total. I have been thinking about updating dazuims.com articles. The refresh timeout issue of The JFCMS article has been fixed for a long time, and has not been solved by bypassing it. It cannot be solved now. I barely wrote two solutions to store the State based on the Application object after writing it at one o'clock last night. There is almost no interface, "command line" code. There is no place to access the Internet in the evening, and I want to use my mobile phone to transfer it over ftp. Unfortunately, I downloaded FireFtp or something, but the result still failed-the upload was always unsuccessful.

I collected about 1500 articles last weekend and spent 6/7 hours collecting them with the locomotive. However, more than 170 M images were not uploaded. In addition, due to serious server problems, the Service is often Unavailable. JFCMS is indeed not doing well in this aspect, and there have been no solutions, and there are not many people to ask the problem. We can also see that JFCMS has a very small user base. It is indeed unwise to select the primary CMS.

Last night, Reflector was used to add a casual method. After each refresh, the system waited several seconds and then re-requested the request. To avoid server timeout or excessive resource occupation problems, the actual effect was poor. In the morning, I found someone everywhere. Finally, hover helped to upload the file, and the result proved that it could not be used. The Applicaton that was originally found to be valid to save the progress, and the overall failure was not lost-after the Service was UnAvailable, the Application object would be gone. I found some time (about half an hour to one hour) in the company and changed it to all URL parameters to save the progress. After, I changed the code, run the internet cafe to update the last article.

The result is even more depressing. The server will run the Service UnAvailable once every one minute, and the program cannot run normally. I don't want to change the program to solve this problem any more. The hardware problem cannot be solved because the software can bypass it. It takes too much time and cannot be solved. I have been thinking about changing the dazuims.com server, but I cannot find a good space. It is either expensive or difficult to share the rent with someone.

The last step is to give full play to your patience and wait until today to finish updating these things. Because Google Sitemap has already been submitted, if the article is not generated, Google Sitemap will catch the dead link. Also, the task that emerged from Monday should be completed. But one thing, so you don't have to spend time thinking about it.

About 0: 40. The article is finally generated. During this period of time, I did not know what to do. I was very sleepy. I had no idea how to read articles, niubo net, and caitou. Finally, let's write it here. It was written. It took 20 minutes to stay in the Internet cafe.

It's very unorganized. I think today (in fact, it was yesterday) has done something. The TreeView Toggle Cancel will be completed tomorrow, and then we will continue our MOSS stuff. It has not been done for several days.

Finish the job. Go home and go to bed. It seems that you can only get up early tomorrow morning to take a bath.

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