Dicom: "Git repository Merge" for open source Dicom books

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The previously translated DICOM3.0 standard was a locally created Git repository that was not created on GitHub and was inaccessible at this time, and was originally intended to be submitted to GitHub after the standard translation was initially completed.
However, since the local translation work is edited using Markdownpad, the images in the document need to have a public URL in order to be displayed in the document ( Note: The mark flying Image tool can directly insert the image in the Clipboard into the markdown document, Now that the mark flies out of the Windows and iOS client, download it, the Dicom-chinese repository is created on GitHub, where the figure subfolder is used to hold all the images that appear in the document.

Merging git libraries:

In this case, in order to eliminate the tedious editing between the two git repositories, today I would like to merge the local. Git repository "part 8:network communication support for Message Exchange" to " Dicom-chinese " , and you want to keep all commit records before " part 8:network communication support for Message Exchange " . --This is the main content of this blog, the details are as follows:

Instructions for the specific operation are as follows:
For ease of description below, assume local translation documents. The GIT repository path is: C:\part8-ncsme,github to the local. Git repository path: C:\DICOM-Chinese

Knowledge Point Supplement: Working tree and Index in git

Git index is sometimes called staging area or cache;git working tree also known as working directory
As you can see, working tree is the parent directory of the working directory, the. Git in the file system, which is a directory of all the files we do, similar to the local working copy in SVN. Examples are shown in the following example:

Instead of using the central repository management model for SVN, GIT uses distributed management, where every local copy is a git-full repository. So there are three states in the local git repository:

1. Workspace or working tree is also known as working directory
2. Index or called Staging area
3. Local repository or called Git directory

WorkspaceFiles and folders that are stored in the local file system for specific operations; Indexis to modify the buffer; Local repositoryis the repository, and the previous SVN server repository one implication is that the version management system users to modify the records of the database.

Checkout in Git

Due to the distributed management of Git, the workspace, index, local repository three parts are also included locally. So the checkout instruction in Git is more complex than the checkout function in SVN. The checkout of SVN is to download the repository copy from the server side to the locally specified directory, because the GIT local directory contains the warehouse files, as well as the local buffer, so checkout provides the ability to re-check the code from different places, as shown in:

Checkout the code is checked out by default from the index local buffer without specifying a version or warehouse (that is, a branch), and when you specify a version or warehouse (that is, a branch), Git checks out the code from local respository. Local specific test conditions are as follows:

    1. Merge two git repositories
    2. GIT's Checkout

      Date: 2015-08-29

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Dicom: "Git repository Merge" for open source Dicom books

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