Difference between addfielderror and addactionerror

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Both addactionerror () and addfielderror () are methods in the com. opensymphony. xwork2.actionsupport class.



Addactionerror (stringAnerrormessage)

Add an action-level error message to the action

Anerrormessage: error message


The label for displaying the message is (for example, on the JSP page ):

<S: actionerror/>Display All action-level error messages. You can add CSS code.

Anerrormessage is stored in the list. You can check the source code.



Addfielderror (stringFieldname, stringErrormessage)

Add an error message to a field (attribute)

Fieldname: field (attribute) Name

Errormessage: error message

Errormessage is stored in a map <key, value> (the key stores fieldname, and the value stores errormessage ). You can check the source code.


The label for displaying the message is (for example, on the JSP page ):

<! -- Example 1 -->

<S: fielderror/> Display All error messages (Added using addfielderror)


<! -- Example 2 -->

<S: fielderror>

<S: param> field1 </S: param> displays the error message of the specified field1 field.

<S: param> field2 </S: param> displays error messages for the specified field2 field.

</S: fielderror>

<S: form...>... </S: Form>


Under the default topic, <s: Form/> displays the error message and automatically adds the table layout. (the error message is displayed on the top of the input text box)

Modify the topic: <s: Form theme = "simple"> the error message cannot be displayed, and the table layout cannot be automatically added.


The actionsupport class also has a public Boolean haserrors () method,In fact, his internal implementation is like this:

(Hasactionerrors () | hasfielderrors ())Check whether there are action-level error messages and fidld-level error messages.

If one is true, it will jump back to the input real graph and display the error message (if you write the corresponding label)

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