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Bit indicates "bit" or "bit", which is the basis of computer computing and belongs to the binary model;
Byte indicates "Byte", which is the basic unit for calculating the computer file size;
The applications of the two are different. Bit is usually used as the unit of data transmission. Because of the physical layer, data link layer transmission is transparent to users, and such communication transmission is based on binary transmission. In the application layer, bytes are usually used as the unit to indicate the file size. in the user's view, the data size is visible. For example, a character is 1 byte. If it is a Chinese character, it is 2 byte.
The following are two specific application instances:
Mbps = mega bits per second (second/second) is the rate unit,
MB = mega bytes (megabytes, megabytes) is the unit of measurement, 1 Mb/s (megabytes/second) = 8 Mbps (Bytes/second ).
The hard disk capacity is 40 GB, 80 GB, and 100 Gb. Here, B Refers to byte, which is "byte ". (Related to capacity, application layer)
1 kb = 1024 bytes = 2 ^ 10 bytes
1 MB = 1024 kb = 2 ^ 20 bytes
1 GB = 1024 MB = 2 ^ 30 bytes
The transmission rate of the USB2.0 standard interface is 480 Gb/s/second, that is, 480 Mbps. Here B refers to bit, which is also a bit ". (Transport-related, underlying)

Note: In addition, byte is usually abbreviated as B (uppercase), while bit is usually abbreviated as B (lowercase ). It can be memorized in this way. in upper case, it is the bit with a relatively large data value, while in small words, it is the byte with a relatively small data value, 1B = 8B.

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