Differences between common developers and software engineers

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Yesterday, I received an internal email with an interesting PPT. The excerpt shows the differences between common developers and software engineers:

Comparison 1:

1. Common developers:

Have mastered basic computer knowledge;

Familiar with computer resources, learnedProgramming LanguageI like selling tricks and comparing the advantages and disadvantages of programming languages;

To compile a special functionProgramBe proud of the fact that you do not understand the principles and do not need to explain it;

I like personal development and do not pay attention to document writing;

2. Software Engineers:

Solid basic computer knowledge;

Master more than two programming languages and seldom stay on the surface to compare the advantages and disadvantages of programming languages;

We are proud to write high-quality software that is satisfactory to users.

Understand the advantages and disadvantages of personal development and team development. The documentation is standardized and complete.

Comparison 2:

1. Common developers:

Only focus on the implementation of functions, without focusing on progress and quality.

If you are afraid of being "managed", you will not be able to give full play to your ideas.

I do not like to do the test work. I think the test is inferior and I have never done the test work.

Learn Technology only based on your hobbies;

2. Software Engineers:

Know how to balance progress, quality (function), and cost.

The purpose of understanding standards is to reuse them. Reuse helps improve efficiency and focus on innovation.

I think that testing is more challenging than coding, and I am often a companionCodeWhite box testing.

Select the learning content and direction based on the needs of enterprise projects and the commonalities of their development goals;

Comparison 3:

1. Common developers:

Think that others' programs are very poor and do not like to read others' code;

I always think that I have a better understanding of requirements than business experts.

At the beginning of the project, I like to say "No problem, soeasy ".

When the project was extended, he liked to say, "The design is too bad to be programmed ".

2. Software Engineers:

I like to look up code for my colleagues and get the opportunity to learn the advantages of others;

Knowing yourself is only possible to be more familiar with programming than business experts.

At the beginning of the project, I like to ask: "What is that? Why ?".

When the project was extended, I liked to say, "Why did I not think of it ...".

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