Differences between gateways and Routers

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Gateway and router ):

Gateway and router are also an important part of nodes. Their main tasks are as follows:

· Translation of two different domains (networks;

· Create a route.

Just now, we know that in the same network, information can be directly communicated between two IP addresses. What if it is not in the same network? For example, if the above icon shows that the IP address of pC1 is and that of Pc2 is, there is no communication protocol between the two, when we only use TCP/IP for communication, because the bit is in different CIDR blocks, "the two cannot be directly connected" under normal conditions 』, at this time, you must use the router help! In fact, this interpreter is not only capable of translating the communication protocols of different operating systems, but here we only briefly discuss one of his functions, the router is responsible for communicating two or more packets connected to different network segments! Therefore, if your network is broken down, the host and the router must be in the same domain, at this time, many routers are required to connect different networks. Otherwise, how can different networks be connected ~? Linux can also be used as a router currently! This will be explained later when we mention router!

Well, let's talk about what is "routing" outside of the network? The route is "Let your data packets find the next IP address through the route table 』. The network architecture of our system is simple. If the IP address of my work machine is, if my package is to be sent to, because we are a C Class domain, 125 <--> 202 can be passed directly! But what if my data package is sent to tw.yahoo.com ( At this time, my 125 will first judge my route table to see which computer the preset gateway is, then he will send the data packet to the gateway host, and the gateway host will determine where the next node of the data packet will be transmitted by judging his route table !? After this is passed in, we can reach tw.yahoo.com!

Therefore, route table is very important, and your gateway is very important! Because all your non-network packets are sent out through the gateway. If you set a Gateway error, hey! Naturally, your data packets cannot be properly transmitted! This is the easiest way to set network parameters.ArticleInput: Talent responsible editor: Talent

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