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Article Title: differences between GnomeUbuntu and KDEUbuntu. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source.

Gnome Desktop is installed in ubuntu 8.04 by default. But it can also be changed to the KDE Desktop, but what are Gnome Ubuntu and KDE Ubuntu? The following documents are available for you:

KDE and GNOME are similar: they are essentially desktop environments and must be used with the window manager, to provide user interfaces similar to MS-Windows, OS/2, CDE, and Mac OS. Therefore, they all have graphical file managers. The objects displayed in the file manager can be folders, subfolders, programs, links, etc.

For objects in the file manager, you can move and copy objects with the mouse. Right-click and select "properties" from the floating menu. In the displayed dialog box, you can change the attributes of a file, such as access permission and file name. You can also associate a file with a specific program, or drag the file to the icon of a specific program to run it directly. The shortcut of the program can be added to the desktop or panel. Through the graphic control panel, you can control many details of desktop behavior, including File Association, window focus, button placement, and menu settings. In principle, after setting the File Association, you can click or double-click to automatically call a specific program to open the clicked file. However, the actual work is not so smooth.

Both KDE and GNOME have many "Native programs ". The "Native program" means that the libraries used by these programs are the same as those used in the desktop environment, and the desktop environment can define the interaction between the program and the outside world. These "native Programs" cover a wide range. Although most programs seem rough and characteristic, they are easy to use.

Although KDE and GNOME are two different desktop environments, you will find that they are not too difficult to collaborate. You can run kppp or Konqueror of KDE in GNOME. Of course, this will lose a small part of the function, for example, the Konqueror drag function cannot be implemented in GNOME. In addition, you must load QT and GTK in the memory at the same time.

Both KDE and GNOME are open-source, and they can run mainstream Linux applications well.

My experience tells myself that online comments on KDE and GNOME do not reflect the real situation. In fact, KDE was launched one year earlier than GNOME, and its leading position has been retained so far with exquisite and stable performance. Compared with the commercial QT library of KDE, GNOME was free of charge at the beginning. Users who prefer GNOME use it because it is open-source software in the true sense, rather than using it because of its technology.

In this case, KDE and GNOME are not much different for general users. They all provide a powerful graphical interface, which is even more efficient than command lines. They are not the best desktop environments (in contrast, OS/2 and Mac OS are better), but they are growing rapidly and are expected to surpass those ancient desktop environments within a year or two.

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