Differences between hubs, switches, and Routers

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Hub, that is, Hub:
Its function can be simply understood as connecting some machines to form a LAN.

Vswitch (also known as exchange hub ):

The role is basically the same as that of a hub. However, there is a difference between the two in terms of performance: the hub uses the shared bandwidth method, while the switch is the exclusive bandwidth. In this way, when there are many machines or a large amount of data, the two will be obvious.

A vro differs significantly from the preceding two. Its function is to connect different network segments and find the most suitable path for data transmission in the network. Generally, individual users do not need much. A vro is generated after a vswitch, just as a vswitch is generated after a hub. Therefore, the vro and vswitch are also associated, and they are not completely independent of each other. Vrouters overcome the problem that vswitches cannot route and forward data packets.

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