Differences between jQuery and javascript

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Differences between jQuery and javascript

JQuery is coming to an end. Adding a summative blog is perfect.

JQuery has fewer writes, more operations, and core concepts. Everyone said, "With jQuery, drinking tea and water every day", this is standing on the shoulders of giants. Let's start with the B/S project. At that time, when instructor Niu took us together to do the "Niuke news publishing system", he mentioned that at that time we were also blind people, and now we still need to compare it with the previous knowledge, make a summary.

First, let's talk about the difference between jQuery and javascript, and compare the efficiency, which is not bad. First, you must understand that jQuery is the most popular javascript library.

The disadvantage of javascript is that the processing results may be different in different browsers. Security issues. javascript may be exploited by hackers because it runs on the client, and the processing results may be different in different browsers.

The biggest benefit of jQuery is that a small amount of code is used to do more things. Let's look at an example.

Javascript code:

JQuery code:


Compared with javascript, jQuery syntax is simpler. With jQuery, you can easily browse documents, select elements, process events, add efficiency lights, and allow developers to customize plug-ins.

Advantages of jQuery:

JQuery Eliminates cross-platform javascript compatibility issues. jQuery is easier to use than others. jQuery has a huge function library, which is my favorite.

Everything has two sides. jQuery's disadvantage is that it is not the original javascript language, and it may be difficult to understand. It's hard to start with everything. The project must contain the jQuery library file. If there are multiple versions of the jQuery library, a conflict will occur.

There will be some jQuery technical summaries later. To be continued .....

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