Differences between programmers and toilet paper

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1. Toilet paper can be easily thrown away. programmers can be laid off when they are older, and don't worry that honest programmers will sit at the door of your company.

2. Toilet paper is cheap. Programmers are still very cheap.

3. toilet paper and programmers are disposable. Reusable

4. Toilet paper is white. Programmers are also white. Simple.

5. The wrapped toilet paper is worth the money. Programmers from large companies are even better.

6. Toilet paper is usually sold in a pack. Programmers also like collectivism.

7. The goal of toilet paper was to be used. The program written by programmers is also intended for use by others.

8. Toilet paper is often used in many small hotels, and many small IT companies have similar levels of programmers.

9. Toilet paper is difficult to reach the elegant hall, and programmers are only known to be architects.

10. 90% of the inventor of toilet paper do not know who it is. Many excellent software users only know the CEO of the software company, but do not know how to write the software.

Who is the programmer. Such as Microsoft.


1. When programmers are older, they may become managers, and toilet paper cannot become sanitary napkins.

2. Toilet paper is quite popular with women. When programmers arrive at 30, there are many people who cannot find their girlfriends.

3. No one needs toilet paper. Experienced programmers

4. Programmers can write blogs at night, toilet paper cannot

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