Differences between servers and PC hard disks from performance to brand

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The differences between servers and PCs are manifested in multiple aspects: CPU type and quantity, Master edition, bus system, network performance, disk storage performance, memory system, heat dissipation system, and operating system, the scalability, availability, manageability, and availability of servers are beyond the reach of General PCs. So far, few people have obfuscated the differences between servers and PCs. So what is the difference between a server hard disk and a general PC hard disk?

The server requires 24x7 uninterrupted services. The higher the speed and durability of the hard disk, the better. Generally, a PC is shut down when it is not used, so it does not need to be so demanding.

The most critical aspect is the RAID array implemented on the Server. Various Hard Disk companies develop different technologies to enable RAID to handle hard disk errors, such: western Digital is the first to develop Time-Limited Error RecoveryTLER), while Seagate uses Error Recovery ControlERC), Samsung and Hitachi use Command Completion Time LimitCCTL ). If you place the hard disk of the Server on a PC, you can use it as long as the motherboard supports it. For speed, bandwidth, capacity, MTBFMean Time Between Failures), SATA, SAS, and SCII, you only need to consider the hard disk, but you need to choose whether to use it on the Server, it depends on the supported RAID specifications.

Simply put, the difference between Server and PC is reflected in the product features, product quality, and product brand.


Server hard disks may have fewer functions, and most of the new functions will be used for testing products or civilian devices, because enterprises do not only consider new functions or performance, most of the time, stability is the most important, but Server-level hard disk functions are old.


In terms of hard disks, the Server is actually better, because enterprise services are usually not shut down, and the data volume processed may not only be a single machine. Server hard disks are also looking for third-party OEMs, but the production line may be different, the materials are different, it is said that it will be more durable.


I think this is the most important thing. PCs can also use SCSI or SAS hard disks, or even cheaper than servers. Why should I buy Server hard disks?

Most servers and Storage hard disks are listed. Of course, the manufacturing may be those OEMs.) The firmware has also been changed. You can't change the firmware for civilian purposes, but in the same situation, if there is a problem with the Server, the host, hard disk, and parts are all of the same brand, of course they must be guaranteed. However, if you buy a host with a card today, use the hard disk bought by the hypermarket. If the data is damaged, who is it? Hard Disks are not hardware at all.

The comparison between Server and PC is not very important. Many companies without money use PCs. The problem is to what extent enterprises can tolerate data loss. The biggest difference is that, based on Enterprise Service risks and quality considerations.

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