Differences between single and double quotes, Linux shortcut keys, zip compression, lrzsz, VIM FAQs

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How to remember?

Brain: consciousness = = Memory

subconscious = = = HDD

How to put knowledge in the subconscious:

1. exchange of discussions -- Speak out

Before going to bed, the content of the day's study and the content of the review are expressed in the form of speech.

The group said it.

Self-study knowledge points, share to everyone.

2. draw out the expression

The topic of this chapter: the difference between single and double quotes,linux shortcut keys,zip compression,lrzsz,vim FAQ

1.1 the difference between single quotes, double quotes, and anti-quotes:

1) Single quotation mark: the contents of single quotation marks will be tested first, what you see is what you get, what you eat and spit out .

2) Double quotation marks: similar to single quotation marks, the special symbol inside the double quotation marks will be parsed (run), $LANG $ () $ will display the contents of the variable.

3) Anti-quote:' = = = $ () run the inside command first, show the results on the screen to stay

1.2 shortcut keys for Linux1.2.1 Move Cursor

1) Move the cursor to the beginning of this line, Ctrl + a or home key

2) Move the cursor to the end of this line, the ctrl+e or end key

3) Move the cursor to the right one word Ctrl +→

4) Move the disc one word to the left Ctrl +←

5) Delete all contents of the current line CTRL + C

6) Delete the contents of the cursor at the beginning of the ctrl+u

7) Delete the contents of the cursor at the end of the line ctrl+k

8) Paste ctrl+y

9) Clear screen ctrl+l

) Exit Current user Ctrl+d

One) use the last parameter of the previous command, ESC +. (point)

Linux lock screen ctrl+s

unlock Screen ctrl+q

Find used commands History | grep awk , find or ctrl+r

1.3 A common problem in vim :

Workaround: 1. Remove Delete it enter D on the last side

2.1) Restore Recover Enter R on the last side

2) After the recovery and editing is complete, save and exit

3)rm-f. oldboy.txt.swp Delete this temporary file

3 edit edit The file just now, ignoring the changes you just made

1.4 Zip compressed file for easy use on Windows

1.4.1 Zip Create a compressed package

[Email protected]/]# zip 123.txt.zip/data/lai.txt

Note: Format: zip archive package name to compress files or directories

1.4.2 zip decompression

[Email protected]/]# Unzip 123.txt.zip


Replace Data/123.log? [Y]es, [N]o, [A]ll, [N]one, [R]ename:y


Note:y decompression will extract to the original directory of the file, r rename to the current directory

1.4.3 Lrzsz Implement Linux and Windows file transfer

installing lrzsz with Yum

[email protected]/]# Yum install lrzsz-y

Note: If an error occurs during the process, use the kill-9 process number to kill it

1) upload rz

method One: [Email protected]/]# RZ

Note: You can enter directly! then select the file to upload to Linux by default in the current path

method Two: Drag the software in Windows directly into the Xshell

2) Download The path file name in sz plus linux

[Email protected]/]# Sz/data/123.txt

Note: You can enter directly, then select a location to download to windows

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Differences between single and double quotes, Linux shortcut keys, zip compression, lrzsz, VIM FAQs

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