Differences between the TV series Struggle and dwelling (Full Version)

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The struggling scriptwriter is Shi Kang, who is 51 years old;
The scriptwriter of the dwelling is sixty-six, which is pure, and is about 36 years old.

Struggle is a romantic fantasy comedy written by an old man;
Dwelling is a horrible tragedy of realism written by a small woman.

The struggle is about the Beijing region;
Dwelling is talking about the virtues of Shanghai.

Struggling to talk about the chaotic love stories of young and ignorant men and women ';
The dwelling house tells the story of crazy cohabiting of male and female who are young and are dying '.

Strive to gradually shape young people with green ideals into mature and stable men;
The dwelling attempts to quickly transform the man who left his wife and abandoned his son into a man of great significance.

Struggle depicts the story of a child fairy tale of a young man who is too ideal to give up his dream of choosing a thief as his father after encountering a bloody old man's lover.
Dwelling tells the story of a beautiful girl who loves vanity. After seeing the cruel life of her mother's eldest daughter, she dared not face the story of choosing to sell her flesh. It is an adult fable.

Struggle is about how young people build houses;
The dwelling place is about how middle-aged people buy a house.

Under the correct leadership of a man who graduated from Tsinghua University, the masters of the Struggle finally achieved a major achievement of marriage;
The roles in the dwelling place have always been closely united around the women who graduated from Fudan University, and finally won a great victory in buying a house.

After watching the struggle, I think the story is fake;
After watching the dwelling, I feel that my life is fake.

Strive to make women do not trust men;
So that men do not trust women.

Struggling to make some young people who are new to the society look forward to having a father who has gone abroad, has not yet recognized each other, has never been married for life, has been a rich party, has yet to repent, and pays attention to family ties;
The dwelling allows some little girls who are not deeply involved in the world to fantasized about looking for a dry father who is generous, meets the scenes, is not old, has the right to face the wild, is obsessed with ignorance, and has the right to fight.

Struggling to describe the happy life of the rich children, whitewashing the shameless behavior of the rich who "do not know the blessing in the blessing, do not know the hunger and hunger", accused of the darkness of capitalism;
The dwelling depicts the miserable life of the masses who have worked hard. It expresses the beautiful wishes of the people "tens of millions of hosts and a large number of greetings" and exposes the old socialist base.

Struggle may bring hope to people;
Dwelling will make people feel desperate.

Some viewers who like to struggle are actually struggling;
Some viewers who like dwelling are really cool.

Struggle is a cool and realistic illusion, satisfying the illusion of the last death of the 80 s;
Dwelling is a catalyst for the cruel reality, and it is a harsh situation facing the 80 s.


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