Differences between XML Web Services Using asmx and. Net remoting using soap

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The basic structure of Web Services provides simple APIs for Web Services by ing soap messages to method calls. This mechanism is implemented by providing a very simple programming model (based on ing SOAP message exchange to method calls. Clients of ASP. NET web services do not need to understand the platform, object model, or programming language used to create them. Services do not need to know the clients that send messages to them. The only requirement is that both parties should recognize the SOAP message format being created and used, which is composed of the WSDL and XML architecture (XSD) web Service Contract definition.
. Net remoting provides a basic structure for distributed objects. It uses flexible and scalable pipelines to provide full object semantics of. Net to remote processes. ASP. NET Web Service provides a very simple programming model based on message transmission. net remoting provides complex functions, including passing objects, callbacks, and multi-object activation and lifecycle management policies through values or references. To use. Net remoting, the client needs to understand all the details. In short, you need to use. Net to create a client .. The net remoting pipeline also supports soap messages, but note that this does not change the client requirements. If the remoting endpoint provides. Net-specific object semantics, the client must understand them whether or not they are using soap.

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