Different domain name access is the same database, different templates, how to implement?

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Before blogging in the blog Park, today in a project, encountered a problem, usually love to visit the blog Park to solve the problem, but this encounter the situation is more special, the site cannot search the answer, so send a blog to see how each way PHP Master

The project I am developing is a CMS website management system

The company has more than 10 customer service, each customer service corresponding to a website, the current use of the dream weaving process, more than 10 sites, are different databases. Simply put, their website is independent! The above is the respective contact way!

The trouble is: for example, the company's new to a product, I have to land one by one of their website backstage, one of the added goods, feel very troublesome!

Now think: I write a CMS, their website are unified, then add their own products will not be so troublesome. Adding it once is enough. Efficiency is greatly improved.

The effect I want is: Www.aaa.com shows the page of template muban_a. The database is data.

Www.bbb.com Displays the page of the template muban_b. The database is also data.

Www.ccc.com Displays the page of the template Muban_c. Data is the same as the database.

Www.ddd.com Displays the page of the template muban_d. The database is data.


The question is, how do I write it? How do I implement this feature?

Different domain name access is the same database, different templates, how to implement?

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