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The emergence of a technology sometimes leads to unexpected market fluctuations. As the Unified Communication Technology Platform continues to become popular, various vendors have launched their own products. However, this is not all, and more vendors have set their own technical concepts and brands. However, in fact, these products have similarities. Is it true that the same technology has different masks?

Unified Communication Technology Platform

Currently, Microsoft Office Communications Server is the master of Unified Communication. IBM Lotus Sametime 7.5 is named as the real-time collaborative communication platform, which is actually "Unified Communication ". CISCO, ALCATE, Siemens, Nortel, Avaya, and so on have also launched a Unified Communication attack. QQ, MSN, Yahoo, SKYPE, ICQ, and other enterprises rely on a large user group to use Unified Communication as cooperative sessions, and use voice and video as their new growth points for business development. 3g carrier wireless video conferencing, instant video messaging and chat, short video call center, PC2Mobile, mobile video technology, WiMAX and WiFi-driven content integration and other businesses are trying to show their skills in the Unified Communication Market. The Application of UC in the call center has started.

In summary, the core concept of the Unified Communication Technology Platform is media integration. The core concept of the call center is to manage and effectively allocate various integrated media.

Integrated Communication media includes telephones, faxes, text messages, e-mails, online audios, online videos, text conversations, file transfers, escort browsing, application sharing, desktop sharing, and electronic whiteboards, enterprises need to use a variety of media channels to develop and maintain old users and explore user value. Users also hope to use multiple media channels to find enterprises and obtain high-quality and inexpensive products and services.

After receiving media requests, the call center can use various media features to provide users with comprehensive services, using instant communication tools such as online audio, online videos, text conversations, file transmission, escort browsing, application sharing, desktop sharing, and electronic whiteboards, it greatly enriches the communication methods between enterprises and users, and comprehensively improves service and marketing efficiency through in-process and post-event quality monitoring during the service process. These records clearly and accurately show the user's needs, improve the cooperation efficiency between different departments, eliminate the possibility of shirking, and enhance the determination and execution of enterprises. Fully Improve service and marketing quality.

In the fourth generation call center, telephone, fax, SMS, and email are the main media requests, the ACD, recording quality control, reports, real-time monitoring, and business software interfaces of these media have been able to meet actual business needs, and the technologies of various middleware vendors and integrators are also quite mature. However, in the face of UC functions such as online audio, online video, text conversation, file transmission, escort browsing, application sharing, desktop sharing, and electronic whiteboard, media request distribution and quality control must be realized, media reports, real-time monitoring, and interfaces provided to business software require the support of the fifth-generation call center.

Why is the Unified Communication Technology Platform so popular?

The significance of a Unified Communication System is to effectively integrate various communication media into the hands of users so that users can select the best and most efficient communication methods. Integrated Communication Terminals not only make operations easier, but also enable three forms of communication, namely voice, data, and video, and integrate various value-added applications derived from the network, it makes the coordination between employees smoother and the implementation of unified and standard policies and operations across multiple regions, thus reducing maintenance and additional expenses. This is the essence of the concept of integration.

Unified Communication is not a brand new concept. Previously, it was similar to "network convergence" and "full IP bearer "...... After a burst of brainstorming in the enterprise network, communication enterprises represented by Nortel, AVAYA, and Siemens have long tried to achieve the final integration of their communication networks and IT networks, the Unified Communication Technology Platform is undoubtedly one of the most effective market work. In the most intuitive way, it deeply embeds the concept of integration into users' minds.

At the VoiceCon Orlando exhibition, Unified Communication Equipment vendors revealed that they expect more cloud computing vendors such as IBM's Lotus live Engage to bring more communication services. IBM services use the cloud to manage personal data and contact information, online meetings, file sharing, instant messages, and lightweight project management capabilities. The company expects that customers can access services and environments through a portal to quickly develop new applications.

Verizon said it was about its cloud computing service, which was promised in the last quarter and can be implemented at any time. In addition, the company has announced the construction of virtualization services and infrastructure.

Christopher Kimm, vice president of Solution Engineering at Verizon, said he only predicted the cost of the used computing to use a virtual machine for one day. For example, customers may want the resources of front-level applications on multiple operating systems to meet their desire for quality assurance. They may perform these operations on a virtual server on the Verizon network without providing their own resources. Although these customers may be able to reserve resources worth 40 days, if the project ends early, the customer may only pay for the actual number of days of resource use. He also mentioned that enterprises may use cloud resources as high-level backups, that is, backups enabled after the primary backup fails. Therefore, if the primary data center stops running, the backup resources will be backed up in the cloud vendor's network until the primary page resumes normal operation.

He revealed that the infrastructure is ready and IP relay is also set. In the intercity region, the company can support a latency of less than one millisecond and has a flexible virtual machine architecture that is conducive to the Unified Communication Technology Platform.

At this exhibition, Siemens announced a concept validation service in which customers can purchase services based on the company's OpenScape Unified Communication Software. The software runs on the virtual server of Amazon.com.
Although cloud computing is often used to provide commercial storage services, it is still a new concept as a communication platform, and it also has security defects.

Kimm said that suppliers are likely to provide a series of security options, in which users can pay for more security protection. He compared it to different types of network connections that can be purchased-public Internet, virtual professional network, MPLS technology, frame relay, and leased line. Different types have different security and reliability.

Bethann Cregg, director of IBM online partner services, said Lotus live will design software and hardware in accordance with IBM's internal security standards. They will develop these software and hardware by studying user behavior and the security level of locking the application, but users do not have to try to bypass security measures.

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