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Android first edition released in September 2008
Cupcake (paper cup cake)
April 30, 2009, the official version of the 1, 5 (Cupcake Paper cup cake) Android release. The main updates are as follows:
1. Shoot/Play videos and support uploading to YouTube
2, support stereo Bluetooth headset, while improving automatic pairing performance
3, the latest use of WebKit Technology browser, supporting the copy/paste and search in the page
4, GPS performance greatly improved
5, provides the screen virtual keyboard
6, the main screen to increase the music player and photo frame widgets
7, the application automatically rotates with the mobile phone
8, SMS, Gmail, day 暦, browser user interface greatly improved, such as Gmail can bulk delete mail
9, the camera to start speed up, shooting pictures can be uploaded directly to Picasa
10, caller photo display
Donut (Donut)
September 15, 2009, 1, 6 (Donut Donut) version of the software Development Kit released. The main updates are as follows:
1, redesigned Android Market gestures
2. Support CDMA Network
3. Text-to-Speech System (Text-to-Speech)
4. Quick Search Box
5, a new camera interface
6. View Application Power consumption
7. Support Virtual Private network (VPN)
8, support more screen resolution.
9. Support OpenCore2 Media engine
10, add to the visual or auditory difficulties of the people with ease of use plug-ins
Android2, 0/2, 0, 1/2, 1
Eclair (Muffins)
October 26, 2009, 2, 0 (Eclair Muffin) version of the software Development Kit released. The main updates are as follows:
1, optimize the speed of the hardware
2, "Car Home" program
3, to support more screen resolution
4, the improved user interface
5, the new browser user interface and support HTML5
6, the new contact person list
7, better white/black background ratio
8, improve Google Maps3, 1, 2
9. Support Microsoft Exchange
10, support the built-in camera flash
11. Support Digital Zoom
12, the improved virtual keyboard
13, Bluetooth support 2, 1
14, support the dynamic desktop design
Android2, 2/2, 2, 1
Froyo (Frozen Yogurt)
May 20, 2010, 2, 2 (Froyo frozen Yogurt) version of the software Development Kit released. The main updates are as follows:
1, the overall performance of a significant increase
2, 3G network sharing function.
3, Flash support.
4, APP2SD function.
5, a new software store.
6, more Web Application API interface development.
Gingerbread (ginger cake)
February 2, 2011, 3, 0 (Honeycomb honeycomb) version is mainly updated as follows:
1 • Optimized for flat panel
2 • Newly designed UI enhanced Web browsing capabilities
3, N-app purchases function
Honeycomb (Honeycomb)
May 11, 2011 announced at the Google I/O developer conference, the release is mainly updated as follows:
1, honeycomb honeycomb (improved 3, 0BUG)
2, after the optimized Gmail e-mail;
3, full support GoogleMaps
4, the Android mobile phone system with the tablet system again to facilitate the developer.
5, Task Manager can scroll, support USB input device (keyboard, mouse, etc.).
6, support Google TV, can support the Xbox 360 wireless handle
7, widget support changes, can be more easily customized screen widget plug-ins.
Honeycomb (Honeycomb)
Released July 13, 2011 with the following version update:
1. Support 7-inch equipment
2, the introduction of the application display zoom function.
Ice Cream "Ice Cream Sandwich"
Released in Hong Kong October 19, 2011,
4, 0 (ice Cream Sandwich ice Cream Sandwich) version is mainly updated as follows:
1. Blue Theme
2, close to the desktop version of the Chrome Lite browser, have offline reading, sync chrome bookmarks, new tag style and so on.
3. Screenshot function
4, more powerful picture editing function
5, with a photo application comparable to Instagram, you can add filters, frame, 360-degree panoramic shot, the photos can be sorted according to the location
6, Gmail add gestures, off-line search function, the UI is more powerful.
7, new features people: to contact photos as the core, the interface bias sliding rather than click, integrated with Twitter, Linkedin, Google + and other communications tools. It is expected to support user-defined add third-party services.
8, new traffic management tools, can be specific to see the flow of each application generated.
9, the running program can be like a computer to switch to each other
10. Face Recognition function
11, system optimization, faster
12, support the virtual button, the phone can no longer have any buttons
13, specifically for the 3D optimization of the drive
14, tablet computer and smart phone Universal
Android N, N
Jelly Bean "jelly beans"
Next version of the Android system following the ice cream sandwich.

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