Difficult installation of Aptana plug-in (continued)-the failure to start myeclipse and the failure to report java. Lang. nullpointerexception

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I was frustrated when I wrote my blog in the previous article. Although I knew the steps for installing Aptana, the results were not satisfactory. There were still some problems with using Aptana, which were not solved by many people on the Internet. The first problem is that myeclipse cannot be started every time it is opened. You have to delete Org. eclipse. update or Org. eclipse. the osgi folder can be used to open myeclipse. The second problem is that after myeclipse is opened, the pop-up dialog box always reports the java. Lang. nullpointerexception error. Today, I finally fixed these two thorny issues. The solution is as follows:


1. Solve the problem that myeclipse cannot be started.
Part 1ArticleAs mentioned, I was forced to install myeclipse online without manual link installation. I deleted the Aptana. Link file and the Aptana folder and started online installation. After installation, myeclipse cannot be started. Now, after you install myeclipse online, you can re-configure the original Aptana. Link file and the Aptana folder to start myeclipse.


2. Solve the Problem of Java. Lang. nullpointerexception error after enabling
In the displayed dialog box, java. Lang. nullpointerexception is returned. Click details to report the following error:


Java. Lang. nullpointerexception
At com. Aptana. Ide. XUL. firefoxbrowser. createcontrol (firefoxbrowser. Java: 314)
At com. Aptana. Ide. server. Portal. UI. myaptanaeditor. createpartcontrol (myaptanaeditor. Java: 261)
At org. Eclipse. UI. Internal. editorreference. createparelper (editorreference. Java: 596)

At this time, although I have installed Firefox, I still need to choose windows> preferences> my Aptana/message center> "use Firefox as the Aptana home page browser ", remove the hook and solve it. My Aptana's true colors are appreciated, but don't forget that the trial period is only 30 days. Please recharge your account in time.

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