Difficulties of Software Enterprise Informatization

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In the process of its own development, software enterprises will gradually put forward the goal of informatization, as is the case for our company. However, informatization has many difficulties for software enterprises, just like enterprises in all other industries.

I have summarized the actual situation of our company and my understanding of several domestic software companies.


If a software company has software R & D capabilities, can it develop its own informatization or purchase external products? This is a problem that may be raised at the beginning. Many enterprises, such
Microsoft has publicized that all internal software development tools are self-developed. This makes it possible for many people to generate an image, and software enterprises develop their own informatization. Fortunately, this problem is well explained. In a word, there is a specialization in the industry. After all, we often do not provide complete information solutions for enterprises. We do not understand many problems. If you blindly build your own network, you can only walk on the road with a cane, knowing that the slow traffic is not good.


The business of a software company is relatively simple. It is software R & D and marketing. However, this business is relatively advanced. So far, no one has been able to propose a complete theory of information-based solutions for software development. Worse
Then shape. Many R & D systems sold by the outside world are basically information management. This hinders the pace of software enterprise informatization. This has also led to very few enterprises in the industry. Many enterprises only advertise their own systems, but do not dare to sell them.


Software companies have very strong technical capabilities. This may allow them to focus more on technical indicators when focusing on information systems. Alternatively, they may not understand business indicators at all. This may lead to incomplete selection. We have found this problem in several selections. Either you are totally inclined to select the business type or you are totally inclined to select the technology type. These phenomena are easy to see.


Software companies have relatively low demands for information technology. Software enterprises generally have a small number of employees. Most of them work together. From the very beginning, they may have used some tools, including communication. Therefore, they do not have high demands for informatization. Many people see the benefits of informatization, but they generally cannot talk about their own relationships. This demand is very low, which may lead to a reduction in the proportion of investment in information technology. This will bring many obstacles to the informatization construction of enterprises.

The above four points are summarized first. These four points analyze the limitations of software enterprises from the perspectives of investment, capability, business, and means, and the informatization should be well done. Pay attention to these four points. Of course, general enterprises will encounter problems such as changes, and software enterprises also exist. But there is a saying that the boat is too small to turn around. Software Enterprises may have higher transformation capabilities.


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