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Mobile phone TV has been regarded by many people in the industry as another killer application of mobile terminals following text messages. With the continuous launch of digital phone TVs by carriers in various countries, market feedback is not as good as expected, although South Korea already has more than 7 million users, only the loss of DMB in 2007 reached $0.3 billion; the ESPN mobile phone TV launched in early 2006 has only 20 thousand million users so far; the movio mobile phone TV created by British Telecom, only 45 million of users use mobile TV services. Although Japan is a little better, less than 10 thousand of mobile phone users use mobile TV services.

Compared with the development of digital mobile TV, which represents the future, analog mobile TV launched by Shanghai taijing, an integrated circuit design company in China, has more than 10 million users in less than a year, among them, the number of users in China has exceeded 3 million. Why does the digital mobile phone TV, which represents the future development trend, continue to be difficult and the simulation TV that is about to exit the historical stage is very popular?

First, because traditional analog TV signals are used to simulate mobile TV, operators do not have to spend huge sums of money to build the network, and of course they cannot enjoy the possible benefits of digital TV. In many countries, analog TV viewing is free of charge, consumers do not need to pay for a simulated mobile phone TV after they buy it. This is an important reason for the popularity of a simulated mobile phone TV.

In fact, digital phone TV signals in many countries are equally free in the promotion phase. Why is it difficult to compete with analog digital TV? This is related to the market positioning of the two companies. In the same Chinese market, in 2005, NEC launched a high-end mobile phone with a simulated mobile phone TV. The price was as high as 5000 yuan. Due to the cold reaction in the market, in less than a year, he withdrew from the market. At that time, taijing's analog mobile phone TV chip was still in the product development stage, and he was also under pressure due to the cold nature of NEC's analog mobile phone TV. However, according to market research, the mobile phone market of nec TV simulation is not responding well. The problem lies in the product positioning of NEC mobile phones. Because 5000 yuan of mobile phones are basically targeting high-end business groups, there are not many TV watching opportunities for these people at ordinary times, ordinary consumers who really like watching TV can't afford to buy it. As long as the mobile phone supported by analog mobile TV can locate 2000 yuan or even less than 1000 yuan, the consumer still should accept it. The results also prove this point, in 2007, mid-and low-end mobile phones based on taijing analog mobile TV went public. In less than a year, domestic users broke through 3 million, and global users broke through 10 million. Before taijing mobile TV was launched, there are only 30 agents selling Chinese mobile phones in Dubai, and now there are more than 200 agents selling simulated mobile phone TV and mobile phones in China, all of which are selling analog mobile phone TV products and numbers Mobile phone TV positioning in mid-to-high-end blocking, analog mobile TV positioning in the low-end achieved success.

Many people living in big cities do not feel the prevalence of analog mobile phone TV. As a result, the official launch of analog mobile phone TV is less than a year old. In the face of the annual sales of hundreds of millions of mobile phones, 3 million of the simulation mobile phone TV is really awesome, another reason is that the domestic sales of mid-and low-end analog mobile TV are basically dominated by three or four-tier cities. With the launch of Nokia and other international giants, it is believed that consumers living in big cities will soon be able to enjoy the Feast of analog mobile TV.

After careful analysis, it is not surprising that the popularity of analog mobile TV and digital mobile TV are blocked. The popularity of analog mobile TV also shows that the future market potential of digital mobile TV is infinite, after all, analog TV broadcasting will stop in most countries in the next few years. The rapid popularization of analog mobile TV shows consumers' demand for mobile TV. The reason why many consumers do not use digital mobile TV is that, first, it is related to signal coverage, content charging, and rich content. It is also related to the use of mobile phones for digital phone TV in general positioning in the middle and high-end. At the beginning of the launch of analog mobile phone TV, it is determined by the public class, it is like pHs in the past, although the technology is relatively outdated, it is still welcomed by the low-and middle-income class, the rapid popularization of analog mobile TV has at least proved the prediction that mobile TV will become another killer application of mobile phones after text messages, the popularity of analog mobile TV will also play a role in promoting digital mobile TV in the future. (Author: laomiao)

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