Digital Ocean failed to use the GitHub student promo code.

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A lot of friends have encountered such a problem, that is: through the invitation of other people link, when they entered the student discount code on GitHub, but the prompt is not available.

The reason is that the Digitalocean website limits the number of offers, which means that no matter how you get the offer, you can only offer it once, so the student code doesn't work.

This time you can in the site support to submit a ticket, that is, to send a message to customer service to explain the situation, customer service will generally help you to manually add. Since each email will take a day, ticket your GitHub student promo code when you send it.

1. Click on support to access the website

2. Pull to the bottom of the page and click on the image below

3. Click on the content shown in the picture to describe your problem.

You can go to Google Translate, I have a template here. We can refer to:
I am a student. I got a student coupon on GitHub, if I typed this coupon on the website,it is remind that I couldn ' t use it. Could you help me? Here is my coupon code: "Fill in your promo code here".

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