Digital tutors-introduction to Scripting Shaders in Unity learning notes

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1, overview

2, Understanding Shader

Definition:code that define what's the material can do in the environment


Surface shader--Easy to write, influenced by lighting and other factors

Vertex and Fragment Shader (Pixels)--very flexible, large code size, good written to improve rendering efficiency and reduce overhead

Fixed Function shader--fix pipeline Shader, to older hardware (in fact, it will be converted into a programmable Shader to execute)

3, Shader Language in Unity 3D

Shaderlab: By

Cg (C for graphics): Nvidia developed, easy to learn and very powerful

GLSL (OpenGL shading Language): Shader for mobile platforms that can be automatically converted into CG shader

4, Structure of basic Shader

Shader:defines the connection between Shader and Unity3d

Properties: Define some variable attributes

Subshader: The body of the code, can be multiple subshader, and each subshader can have multiple channels pass

Digital tutors-introduction to Scripting Shaders in Unity learning notes

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