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Recent job search has been not smooth, the university into the ACM team (seconds back), has done PHP development, operations, Research (visual direction), now mainly write Java, learn most of the things and the web.

Looking for a job, the interviewer looked at a group of web development projects on my resume and asked me why I chose client development (mainly C + +).

I myself think the programmer career is very long, not to mention even the university is not finished, any direction can try.

In my opinion, for the company, as long as my coding base, coding style, coding habits in line with the company's requirements, rapid learning quickly should be no problem.

The question and answer in the interview, generally speaking, self-feeling, answer or middle, basically all answer on and to the relevant.

The result is unfortunate rejection.

Another company, Java Research and development, but also the written test was rejected.

When the written examination, the big question all is the ability, the choice answers general, overall should be also good.

It is not clear that they are too narcissistic or a better person to answer more than enough.

After only complaining two sentences, continue to work hard, so that those who do not understand the reason is not enough to become my road obstacles.


1. Create a new Droplet2. Login 3. See what update packages are available # yum check-update4. Update all again (Yum's source package is slow to update, but generally stable, so it can be updated so extensively) # Yum Update5. Put mariadb (  MySQL Community Edition) installs the # yum install mariadb Mariadb-server6. Look at status # Systemctl status Mariadb.service7. Start Service # Systemctl start Mariadb.service8. Set Root password # mysql_secure_installation look at the English hint. The password is lost, now you can press ENTER without the password. Select y/n, All the way y go down is no problem and is recommended. There is a is not allowed to root remote login options, see their own ideas, for security or not allowed good, is y.9.# mysql-u Root-p reported ' Msys ': Unknown terminal type. The wrong look stackoverflow Why-does-git-diff-on-windows-warn-that-the-terminal-is-not-fully-functional
#  export  term=cygwin no problem. Msys and Cygwin are gadgets for simulating unix/linux environments on Windows .10.mariadb>  show   Variables  like   ' collation_% '; Mariadb>  show  variables like   ' character_set_% '; resets collation not UTF8 to utf8mariadb>  set  collation_database= ' Utf8_general_ci '; mariadb>  set  collation_server= ' utf8_general_ci '; see if it's all. The default is utf8mariadb>  show  variables  like   ' collation_% '; Mariadb>  show  variables like   ' character_set_% '; 11. Create a database vastmariadb>  create   Database  vast; creates a user named vast and has access to a password of YourPassword for which the service IP is% (that is, all), and it has permissions to give other users permissions. mariadb>  grant  all  privileges  on   ' vast '. *  to   ' vast ' @ '% '  identified & Nbsp;by   ' YourPassword '  with  grant  option;12. Refresh the privileges. Mariadb>  flush  privileges; exit mariadb>  quit;13. Test the connection on your own machine. It seems that the firewall is open door ... See you later ... If the firewall is more cautious, you should #  firewall-cmd  --perManent  --add-service=mysql or #  firewall-cmd  --permanent  --add-service=mariadb

digitalocean-centos7-Open MARIADB Service

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